What To Do & Not To Do When You Start Rolling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


If you are novice at something it is perfectly common that you are going to make mistakes but how you address them will determine the speed of your progress. Here won’t be much about specific mistakes but mainly about misconceptions which negatively affect overall BJJ game. This way bigger domain will be covered and more readers will be able to recognize their mistakes and correct them.

Most common mistakes that white belts make are:

Rolling too aggressive / using too much strength – some white belts roll like it is matter of life or death. This comes out of desire to win. It is good that a BJJ fighter develops his winning mentality but one should always be aware of main goal of training and that is to learn BJJ. If fighter is too tense he can’t think clearly and that way he’s slowing down his progress. Main thing is to find balance between desire to win and learning and experimenting with new techniques.

Afraid of being laughed at during your first roll? No worries.. This BJJ girl will give you great advice to make you well prepared for your first rolls on the mat…

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