The Ultimate Absolute NYC: Celsinho Says He’ll Fight Anyone


Sixteen world-class professional lightweight grapplers crossed paths in NYC February 25. All 16 men rolled out tough, technical, and intense fights. When the dust settled, Celsinho Venicius, Justin Rader and Renan Borges stood in first, second and third place.

Celsinho took home the $10,000 first place payout plus $2,000 in submission bonuses. After slamming Renan Borges into submission, freight trains collided in the finals when Celsinho met Justin Rader.

Celsinho’s tooth punctured through his lower lip in the first collision with Rader within the first minute of the fight. Medical staff glued Celsinho back together at his request, and the fight continued.

A back and forth battle for first place pressed on between Rader and Celsinho until Celsinho scored a takedown nearing the end of the match.
Rader blasted out the end of the fight at a furious pace attempting to even the score. When the time ran to a stop, Celsinho’s hand was raised.








 What’s Next?

With a brand new Ultimate Absolute NYC gold trophy and cash in hand, Celsinho says he’ll fight anyone for the next Ultimate Absolute title, according to Ultimate Absolute NYC organizer and creator Rob Constance.

Celsinho Venicius and Andre Galvao are now the first two fighters to hold the Ultimate Absolute NYC golden trophy.

Constance says new plans and surprises are in the works for the next event.

Pro grappling fans can look forward to another pro grappling fight night early this summer 2012 says Constance.

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