The Lessons In Loss


Jahred Dell – Articulate BJJ

Fifty percent of any game is losing. For every winner, there is a loser. Nothing can stand to be gained if there is nothing at risk of being lost.

Every time we step onto the competitive stage, the outcome is uncertain. All the preparation, repetitions and training lead to the eventual result of what is to follow. You may not be able to entirely control the outcome, but how you decide to deal with loss is completely up to you.

I mop sweat from my brow and my heart continues to slam against my chest despite the match being over. I breathe deeply; putting myself presently into thanking my opponent. The referee raises his arm or mine, it doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t. 

If this was the Edo or Sengoku Period, the Roman or Colonial even, someone would be lying dead and someone would not. I’m extremely aware that I’m alive, I thank my opponent for that, I thank them for risking their well being and for their heart to come forward and test their skill.

What is there to be found in a win and a loss? Money? Fame? I’m not interested in those. Superficial at best, limiting at the worst, these disappear like smoke in the dark. I put myself in the position to win (or lose) to learn more about myself.

It’s only tough to lose when you’re used to winning. Those who experience loss and failure are privileged to learn a lesson that ‘winners’ will struggle with. Those that can lose and try again will always be more resilient than those who continuously win. 

We no longer live in a time where losing means death. The civilized world had moved passed this. As long as we’re alive we can continue to grow and become stronger for experiencing success or failure.

Thanks for reading,

Jahred Dell

Both a Kiwi/ South African, Jahred Dell has worked as a freelance sports journalist, is a published poet and is currently a practicing High School Teacher. Jahred also runs a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blog called Articulate BJJ which he began in 2017.



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