The Argument For Strong Fundamentals


By Jahred Dell []

There is always a case to be made for having a good foundation in any martial art. Before you can innovate, emulate or recreate advanced techniques, you have to possess strong fundamentals.

For practitioners who tend to rely too heavily on a repertoire of complex techniques or moves mined from the latest fads, their approach falls short when confronted with any kind of resistance. Why? Because of a lack of attention paid to the basic principles and fundamentals that make their martial art effective.

Be it leg locks, dynamic new guards or ‘revolutionary techniques’ BJJ sees its fair share of fads. There is a seemingly never-ending cycle of techniques or ideas that move in & out of fashion within the art. Interestingly, despite whatever is currently in vogue, good fundamentals never seem to be the flavor of the week. Why? Nothing will save you on a more regular basis than the fundamentals, yet it seems ‘boring’ to so many practitioners. It’s funny how often it’s these same practitioners who lack strong fundamentals… Coincidence? Unlikely.

Everything you need to be successful as a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu lies in the fundamentals. From hip escaping and bridging correctly, to being able to successfully apply a submission, these are the governing factors that will consistently dictate your ability to progress, protect yourself and more.

Be under no illusion that there is legitimate space in the art for innovation and creativity, but it has its place just like anything. Great artists never created masterpieces without first being able to mix paint or clean their brushes. Do I even have to say that BJJ is no different? If you can rely on your fundamentals to save you, then you have a base upon which you can build, create and innovate. It’s that simple.

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Jahred Dell is a 27 year old Kiwi/ South African. He has worked as a freelance sports journalist, is a published poet and is currently a practicing High School Teacher. Jahred also runs a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blog called Articulate BJJ which he began in 2017.



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