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A Guide To Lasso Guard Variations

By Erick Raposo Lasso Guard To Submission (1) Player A (bottom) achieves the lasso guard using his left leg and Player B (top)’s right arm. (2) Player...

Anatomy Of An Inside Leg Kick

Scott Hudson, from Burlington Training Center, talks Inside Leg Kick details and how he won his last MMA fight with it.

BJJ for Self-Defense Guide, by Rodrigo Lopes Cardoso

Escape from Rear Choke Situation: An adversary attempts a rear choke...

The Pin

Jahred Dell There is one core principle in grappling that holds an importance above that of the rest:...

BJJ Moves Guide From Matheus Veloso

Shoulder Rotation Takedown to Secure Handcuffs This self-defense move is useful when an adversary attempts to pull, shove,...