Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Where Science and Art Diverge

Unlike a performance art or strict science, grappling presents a constantly changing puzzle that needs to be solved in the form of a fully...

Be The Change You Want To See In Jiu-Jitsu

Phew. What a week. I’ll get straight to the point: some people have been very surprised to learn that Renzo Gracie tweeted out a quote...

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Even skeptics- in declaring that nothing can be known for certain- used uncertainty as a heuristic for seeking out answers. To assume that not knowing,...

Jiu-Jitsu And Politics Are Intertwined, Whether We Like It Or Not

The problem, though, is that politics don’t exist in a vacuum. They affect real people — the same people who come to jiu-jitsu.

The Thin Veneer of Civility

by Jahred Dell, Articulate BJJ Civility, noun; meaning formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech. Civilization is a fairly modern concept in the bigger picture of human...

To Each Their Own: An Exercise In Perspective

By Jahred Dell When we look at the larger picture, the majority of grapplers are not professionals training full time. For most, shift work...