Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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No School Like Old School

Jahred Dell – Articulate BJJ As someone who struggles to reconcile post-modernism with learning &...

Omoplatas, Arm Bars & Self Love

By Alexandra Finfer - Princeton BJJ I often hear my coaches and teammates talk about...

Malachy Friedman’s Darce Killer Interview with Budo Jake

https://youtu.be/wuLSHazVgHk Malachy Friedman And Budo Jake breakdown the seminal BJJ technique: Darce Killer.

Do Physical Abilities of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athletes Differ According To...

Afranio de Sousa¹, Emerson Franchini², and Renato Barroso¹ 1 School of Physical Education, Department of Sport Sciences,...

Stop Getting Smashed In Half Guard

https://youtu.be/XqxdMRY2qqk James O’Connor takes the time to demonstrate the body alignment required to prevent your opponent from...

The Lessons In Loss

Jahred Dell - Articulate BJJ Fifty percent of any game is losing. For every...