Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Stop Getting Smashed In Half Guard

https://youtu.be/XqxdMRY2qqk James O’Connor takes the time to demonstrate the body alignment required to prevent your opponent from...

Parabellum Quintet Grappling, 06.21.19 Event

https://youtu.be/-pLR9y4couA Originally streamed live on June 21, 2019 Co-Main Event purple belt lineups...

What Warriors Are Made Of

By Emily Kwok  2011 – IBJJF No Gi Worlds. Emily Kwok Vs. Rachel Demara

18-Year-Old Purple Belt World Pro Champion Ronaldo Silva Suffers Stroke While...

By Averi Clements  Just a couple weeks ago, Brazilian athlete Ronaldo Silva was...

Combat Blog: Hard-Sparring

By Micheal van Ginkel Sweat trickles down my brow, stinging my eyes, but I...

Longevity In BJJ

By Emily Kwok Dear Reader, This is not an article for...