Second 2012 JCC Northern Regional Championships Returned with a Punch!


On April 21st at the Barrie Northern Collegiate School, the 2nd JCC Northern Regional Championships in 2012 took place.

The event was really amazing, Packed with lots of talents and skilled kids from ages 5 to 17, were displaying their grappling and jiu jitsu throughout the whole day.

We can only say good things about such events, because all JCC organizers, staff and with the help of the OGA create an awesome opportunity for people of all ages to come out and play and to extend their skills and knowledge of the game in a totally different setting. Not only that but to be able to go out on the mats, facing different opponents and to have a feel of where their game is at when they are being tested on their level while competing.


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To compete is not an easy task, so to have that many kids come out and fight in this setting shows how well the growth of the sport is going. They Are, if you think about it the future of this generation of discipline. We have to encourage them more and more to go attend the most competition they possibly can. This can only happen with the help of the parents, and ultimately with the constant hard work and      determination of the Organizers, Creators of such events.


Putting an event like this together is very challenging, so we give many “props” to the founder of the event Lia Merrett and the help of Patrick Goulah and the OGA for not settling for anything less than a top quality JCC, regional Championship.



They always make sure that whenever they put those mats down at the New place of tournament, that it can and only will be better and bigger than the previous one, and so far, they have succeeded in doing so.  Parents seem to love how well it is run, as we hear a lot of compliments on how the referees focus on safety first and how they try to respect the time and schedule as much as possible. This April’s event happened smoothly. They started with the GI Junior to kids divisions and flew all the way to the No-GI divisions with no delay. For a busy event, that is only a positive.


 As we said previously, they focus mainly on safety and to make sure that a quick response is offered whenever, someone gets hurt on the mats, from an elbow to the nose or an accident head butt, the medics are there right away to verify and double check that everyone is healthy and good to go with no real injuries. Let’s face it, this is only normal in our sport, but bad outcomes are definitely minimized when referees are very eager to make sure that full on submissions or “cranks” are not happening, and that the paramedics are always around and aware of anything that can happen, even when a fighter just cries, they feel concerned and go and check, even if nothing at all happened. This, is for sure comforting to the parents 100% into letting their kids go out and play in this rough sport and fight VS others they never met before and don’t know their style. The JCC Delivers all those little things which as whole makes big difference in the quality of the competition.


What we noticed as well is the cleanliness of the area kids and staff “work” in. Mats are always cleaned before and after the competition takes places, it is also technologically more inclined when it comes to scoring boards and uses bigger screens which is always more attractive to see something different than the regular old school manual scoring or basic digital clocks and points system. These are little examples that show that the JCC is trying to keep an edge in giving the best possible tournament they can provide to the competitors and spectators. This works well for us.


The JCC also gives away prizes, this time it was an Xbox, and the winner was Mackenzie for her awesome performance at the April 21st JCC. oss/







Winner of the previous JCC in Hamilton, Northern Black Dragon student, Trey “Fireball”.








 What is even Better than all of that, is to see and appreciate the fact that teammates encourage each other and the level of camaraderie between academies and respect that is shown throughout competitions. At the JCC, because this is mainly for kids, to see them at a young age, embrace that form of common respect, gives us an incredible good feeling about what the future will bring us, because this is when at that young age, that they need to start understanding the concept of team work and also to respect their opponents and their coaches.

Bowing On and off the mats, bowing to the fighters win or lose after the fight and going to pay respects to the others coach or professor is something great to see. We are Proud of them!!


 To Conclude, The JCC events are really fun and great to be at, we really think that getting the kids to compete as much as possible is an ultimate plus, and having the organizers put this together for them as often as they do, is only remarkable. We Truly enjoy participating to the growth of the grappling and jiujitsu community and see it evolve the way it does. We appreciate every efforts that are being made to make it what it is today, and what it will in a very soon future.

Until then, train safe, take notes in class and learn new tricks, because whenever the next one will take place, competition will only be tougher as experience grows.



 Here is a cool video to show what it is all about, featuring “Little Nate”: Check it out :


 Here are a few pictures of the event :



 You Can Check the next Event which is happening on June 2nd in Etobicoke and you can register online by clicking on the flyer below. It only grows bigger from there on.




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