Ryan Kellar Wins $500 At Bushido Grappling Championships


 Ottawa – Professional MMA fighter, BJJ brown belt, and owner of Team Bushido MMA, Nabil Khatib, hosts the Bushido Grappling Championships in Ottawa. The tournament is open to anyone for registration in both gi and no gi and is sanctioned by the Ontario Grappling Alliance (OGA).


Bushido Grappling Championships (BGC) doles out $500 cash to the absolute winner, along with a big shiny belt and the opportunity to return and defend the title at the next event. Division champs take home 3-foot trophies while the absolute competitors battle it out in a cage.


The last event in April saw Ryan Keller take home the cash and the belt. The next event is set for August.

Grapplers Planet was at there to catch the action.

See Ryan Keller in the final $500 match:

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