Rodolfo is better than Buchecha


Rodolfo is better than Buchecha

Screen-Shot-2014-06-19-at-1.19.43-PM-623x500Words and article  by: Stevie Linton


Rodolfo in my opinion is technically superior to Buchecha. Don’t get me wrong,Buchecha is a technical beast. He is physically strong, fast, and athletic, like no other ultra heavyweight we have ever seen.

This coupled with what I call “battlefield tactics”, or his real time decision making skills, in the heat of the match to pull out victories when he is down on the score cards, is what makes him great… I think.

His ability to access the situation under pressure, adapt, and win the battle is kind of like that of a jiu jitsu Alexander The Great.

Rodolfo is more of a technical chess-master machine from the future, or a cyborg jiu jitsu computer, the likes of which we have never seen. You saw his dominance through his divisions, submitting everyone, having almost nearly all-perfect matches, with no points scored against him. Leading all the way up to the open class final.

From the moment you move your first pawn, Rodolfo has already calculated the moves to your checkmate, he visualizes the path to the end, off your first move, and cuts through your guard, with passing that is as precise as surgical incisions.

His technical superiority, paired with his athleticism, speed, and strength are what make him the virtually unstoppable cyborg we see today. And it is also what makes his passing something beautiful to watch. His physical attributes could transcend any professional sport, and make him successful in any one of them. But thankfully we get to see his game come alive in jiu jitsu form.

Buchecha holds the upper hand, but if you watch their last two matches, the gap is closing, and so is the size difference. The great duel of our time; will the resurgence of the great Roger Gracie throw a wrench in this on going duo? Time will tell.


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