Robert Drysdale Seminar at BGC Ottawa + [VIDEO]


This past weekend in Ottawa on April 14th, was a very exciting event. An In house tournament hosted by Robert Drysdale Himself and Nabil Khatib followed by His seminar at Team Bushido.

Let’s start with the morning tournament. Well, it was relatively small, but the amount of skills and style packed in the gym was very entertaining and very well displayed as probably, 80% of the matches all ended with a submission. It was mainly an Advanced division so things went relatively fast. People were cheering and were impressed by some of the moves and transition that were offered to them as a spectator. It was more like an ongoing, “Ouuhhh, Ahhhh, Woww, NICE” type of expressions from people on the sidelines. Event though as mentioned earlier, it was quite small, we certainly hope that the competition aspect at BGC grows so that more matches can take place. We are all up for it. Overall, it was a very well organized event and the referee, Mike Carrier did an amazing job at making sure everyone was safe, and that the rules were closely followed. Prof. Drysdale also gave an award, Trophy to the submission he thought was the most spectacular throughout the event, and it was awarded to Louis Bernard-Desrosiers of NomadBJJ, for an exciting  Finals match in the absolute division facing Sam Efford Of MatadorBJJ finishing the fight with a tap by sweeping Calf Crusher.


In the afternoon, is when the seminar took place, and If you guys know anything about Prof. Drysdale then you know that only great things can come out of what he has to say and teach.  It was simply AWESOME, such great info, attention to details, individually making sure that all the students there were understanding well his concepts and views on positions and that we drilled them properly under his supervision.

The Seminar was busy, meaning that there was a big group of people that participated to it. It was hard to move around without nearly “bumping” into each other. There was such a great spirit and everyone was very eager to listen and learn.


There were two parts to the 3hr seminar. First 1.5hr was the class he wanted to cover, which was an awesome variation to Half-Guard escapes and sweeps, and how to gain control from the HG position to take the back or to get onto side control. ( Videos show examples of some of the moves so you can practice them as well and know what we are talking about. :) ). The second part was the Q&A where we all got to ask him some specific questions about our game and he gladly answered to some… we didn’t have time to go over all, as you know,if you ever did a seminar, it is tough to go over everything in only one and half hour of class when it is packed. We did go over a lot of important things none the less, which We are pretty sure, helped a lot of peoples game.


Such things we went over were, Leg drags, berimbolos, sweeps, submission defense, and also he explained to us after someone asked him, ” How do we get out of a triangle?”  Prof. Drysdale simply responded, “I am not going to show anything you already probably know, BUT, what i can tell you is that if you got caught in a triangle, you made many mistakes before that. ” Then he proceeded to showing us what and what NOT to do when in someones Closed Guard for example, Put your knee up in between the legs and now he cannot trap you as easily.

Those were solid pointers, and everyone learned and was very satisfied with the way it went and how the seminar unveiled itself. We knew what to expect to a certain degree, but We did not know it would be this good of a class.  We would definitely do it again.


At the end of class, we all took a group shot and few individual shots with professor, and that made a lot of people happy. After that, we “chilled” with him at a local Starbucks before he had to go take a flight for his next seminar, the next day.

Professor had a great attitude, very clear in his explanations and very meticulous in his Jiujitsu. He is a very clever individual and by the way he talks and comes about seeing and explaining moves and how they all work together, We truly believe he is a Genius at this game. Looking forward to the next one.


We would like to Thank Professor Drysdale for the awesome seminar and tricks he showed us, Sensei Nabil Khatib and his team at Bushido Grappling for making us feel welcome and inviting us to the event.



Gregg @ GP Management.



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