The OGA doing big things in Canada


At the Ontario Provincial Championships 2017, OGA team held a meeting to finalize some new and exciting changes to their upcoming 2017-2018 season.

The meeting was rigorous and very well run at the Niagara Winter Games in Fort Erie with Carlos Newton and Grapplers Planet in attendance.

OGA is building a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure all aspects of OGA Sports will be handled with accuracy and in great style. Quality is the key element to the OGA and they are gearing up to bring new opportunities to the Martial Art community.

OGA has been working hard in the background to build a true and progressive qualifying platform for Ontario Athletes. Among their existing International Recognition with UWW and IMMAF, OGA has recently been recognized by CBJJD from Brazil to qualify Athletes to Canadian Nationals on March 18th, in Edmonton, Alberta and subsequently to Brazil at the Worlds later this year.

OGA is set to qualify Ontario Athletes to the Canadian Nationals in Alberta for Amateur MMA as well. Nationals for Amateur MMA will take place in Lethbridge between April 5-7 hosted by Bill Mahood and Lee Mein of CCA.

Winners of the AMMA Nationals will go on to Compete for the IMMAF World Title in Bahrain. Organizers of OGA put forth their hard work and deserve recognition and respect.

It is not easy to bring out quality competitions in multiple formats.

GrapplersPlanet will be working closely with OGA’s new team to ensure the competitors enjoy a better place to test their skills.

See you at the next one!

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