Nick Diaz M.I.A. for BJJ Expo Superfight With Braulio Estima


By Lisa Sabatini

The BJJ Expo in California this weekend was a big hit, but half of the highly anticipated main event was missing. Nick Diaz was a no show to fight against Braulio Estima.

Estima flew to Long Beach from the U.K. to meet Diaz touting that he would be the first to submit Diaz in a fight. There was talk of Estima possibly not making his weight, but Estima said, after a difficult weight cut he made the agreed upon weight Saturday morning.

Fans report seeing both Nick and Nate Diaz at the Expo, though none confirm seeing Nick fight day, Saturday.

The event was packed. Eager crowds were paid up and waiting for Diaz, with Estima on the mats, warmed-up, and ready to fight. It wasn’t until Renzo Gracie announced to the crowd that Nick Diaz would not arrive at all, that anyone was notified there would be no fight.

Estima, livid, looked to be fuming that Diaz wasn’t going to fight. So angry in fact, the ADCC champion reportedly challenged Diaz to an MMA fight.

“This is a very sad situation for me,” said Estima “I’m here as a professional athlete, Mr. Diaz is supposed to be here…all the talk about doing <this> for charity, and he didn’t even show up.”

Diaz, who is on hiatus from fighting in the UFC, previously said he would donate all of his winnings from the superfight to charity.

Diaz, or anyone speaking officially on his behalf, have yet to comment on the seemingly last minute change of plan.

Cesar Gracie stated on Twitter Sunday, May 13, that Diaz would release a full statement Monday.

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