Montreal Grappling Sept 15th Report


Montreal Grappling Sept 15th Report


This past weekend I made the road trip down the 401 to the September 15th Montreal Grappling Competition.   This was the third Montreal Grappling event that I have attended this year, and I have to say, It keeps getting better and better, while the drive is getting worse and worse.  I can’t wait until all that construction on the 401 is done!


Filling in forms and weigh ins went smoothly, the scale was accurate and we were in and out in about 10 minutes.  The staff at Montreal Grappling are always friendly and efficient.  The AGQ is the association used for insurance and whatnot and their form is simple.   They have a nice system of being $10 for a day or $35 for the year.  So if you are competing only once or twice it’s a better option to do the $10, but if you compete a lot, like me, you can do the $35 and be done with it for the next 365 days.    This also speeds up the registration process in the morning.


The tournament started at about 10:05, which qualifies as right on time for me!  There were a few people who did not respect they schedule set out by the tournament but they managed to get them weighed in and started quickly.   I know there can always be traffic, or whatever, but do your part to keep tournaments on time and show up early.   It’s hard to plan exactly how traffic will affect your drive, so plan for a worse case scenario.   For me,  a drive to Toronto could take anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour and a half.  So I leave home 2 hours before I’m supposed to be there.  If traffic is great, I’ll have lots of time to relax and enjoy watching some competition before I fight, If it’s horrible, I’m still there on time.   it’s so disrespectful to the tournament organizers, and your fellow competitors to show up late!


The refereeing this weekend was top notch!  It was obvious that they paid attention during the IBJJF course and took away a lot of information from it.   They were right on the ball, and maybe almost to on the ball with catching reaping the knee.   Stalling was called quickly and not tolerated.   I saw at least one DQ for it and lots of warnings.  I wish stalling was called even quicker then then 20 seconds the IBJJF rules allows for.   This past weekend was the debut of the new score boards and they worked great.   They allowed for the table workers to enter the names of the competitors so they could easily keep the fighters straight.  The boards were clear,  and it was nice to see the match time.  I would like to see them add speakers, and have the score boards make a noise, instead of them having to throw something into the ring at the end of the match.  But that is pretty minor and I think having the boards is a huge step in the right direction.


The advanced No-Gi divisions were stacked this time around.  i really enjoyed watching these divisions.   Alex Fraser, the +190 winner ended up squeaking past Dainis Ng, the -170 winner  in the final to win the trip.   I don’t think I’ve seen so many leg attacks in one morning then i did watching the -150 and -170 divisions on Saturday.


On the ladies side of things it was great to see so many people out!  In No-Gi, the advanced and Beginners were combined into one division so everyone would get 4 fights.   There were a lot of greats subs, and some very close matches.   I hope all these ladies keep coming out to these events because they are the future of the sport!   In gi, white and blue were separated because there was so many white belts!  The white belts really put it all on the line and were fighting hard all day.  I was really impressed with their display of heart and tenacity.     In the blue belt division it was just the two of us,  but we had a great match anyway.  I hope more blue and up girls start to come out and reap the rewards from the amount of experience you can get at these events.


Another interesting thing I observed this weekend was the amount of judo to bjj cross over athletes that attended this event!  They were everywhere,   and they were doing very well.   I love seeing judo in BJJ tournaments!  Nothing beats a sweet throw to start off a match.   I might be a bit bias about that though, coming from a judo background myself.


The super fight was non-stop action between Jon-Taine Hall  and Kajan Johnson.   It started out with Kajan controlling Jon-Taine, almost getting a guillotine and Jon-Taine escaped!   They both were working hard the entire match.  Jon-Taine ended up on his feet and slapped on an insanely fast and tight straight ankle lock for the win!   Congrats to both of these athletes on a great performance!


Next up from Grappling Industries is the first Toronto Grappling Grand Prix!  This event is going to be huge, and if you’re anywhere near the GTA you need to be there.   They are giving away 4 trips to the IBJJF Pans (8 if they get 500 people registered).  The round robin format is amazing and they run a smooth event.


Also coming up November 10th is the next Montreal Grappling event. This one will have a lot of changes, include 2 new weight classes,  kids, juniors, and master divisions!   They are adding another fighting area and starting a bit earlier to accommodate as the new divisions.   This is great news for the smaller, bigger, and older guys. :)


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by Patricia VanderMeer ( GP Event Correspondent )



Patricia is a VERY active Competitor and always has a great attitude. We are so very proud to have her by our side. Oss.

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