Modified X-guard Sweep Combo with Danny Agemy


    GP Technique Breakdown – Modified X-guard Sweep Combo with Danny Agemy

    Video shot and edited by Josh Sequeira

    Danny Agemy is a first degree BJJ black belt under Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, and head instructor of the Detroit Jiu Jitsu Academy.

    A Black Belt Pan Am Champion, Danny continues to compete at the highest level and has won double gold in the IBJJF Chicago Summer and Fall Opens this year.

    Danny is also a top notch coach and instructor with notable students including high level purple belts Dante Leon and Khalil Fadlallah.

    We visited Danny’s academy and got to train with him and his team this summer, and while we were there, Danny decided to share one of the high percentage attacks he has been using lately in competition with Grapplers Planet – a modified x-guard sweep combo.


    Danny and Saulo
    Danny (right) pictured with Saulo Ribeiro at a tournament

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