Mindset to compete: Words of a Living Legend


    By: Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

    1- Believe you can win

    2- Control your fear and feelings

    3- Arrive at the venue 2h before your fight

    4- It’s not a party, be quiet and save energy

    5- Go to a place you can stretching and do breathing exercises

    6- Try not to think and be in a happy mood

    7- Congratulate yourself for all hard work you did until there

    8- Don’t punish yourself with worries or obligations to perform

    9- Have fun doing this

    10- Take risk and all opportunities during the fight

    11- Advantages don’t count try to beat the man in front of you

    12- Mr. Nice guy will lose, be relentless

    13- Forget the crowd, the referee and give your 100%

    14- It’s not how you start, is how you finish Strong.

    15- It’s about training, preparation, opportunities and Karma.

    16- It’s not fear and only one will win, learn it.

    17- BE IN THE MOMENT. “Be a Champion is a stage of mind and has nothing to do with win medals. It’s how you face challenges and inspiring the others without loosing the enthusiasm.”

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