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Written by Josh Sequeira (GP Bodmon) Edited by GP King

This Saturday, the highly anticipated pro jiu jitsu event, Metamoris 3, takes place in Los Angeles , CA. Headlined by the long awaited rematch between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie, the card offers a variety of top notch matchups promising a night of beautiful jiu jitsu, back and forth battles, and hopefully, exciting finishes. All matches will be 20 minutes long, following a submission only format. The event can be streamed live on, with the card starting at 7pm EST. To prepare you for this weekend’s super fights, we figured we’d break down each match up with some looming questions, context on the competitors coming into the matches, and the keys to victory for each fighter. Enjoy!

Zak Maxwell vs Sean Roberts

Can Maxwell keep the fight in his realm and slow down his opponent? Will Roberts be able to flow well and keep Zak on his toes? This battle of two very exciting fighters will be an excellent first match. Maxwell has a more traditional style while Roberts attacks from almost everywhere. Both have distinct games and it will be interesting to see who chooses to play off of their backs more, a position both are often more comfortable in. Maxwell will need to play a very tight game in order to catch Roberts, while Sean will need to create as many scrambles as possible where he can thrive and throw up his relentless attacks.

1499621_737225862964600_667856330_nGui Mendes vs Samir Chantre

Can Mendes perform to his potential? Does Chantre have what it takes to get in Guilherme’s head and slow him down to create enough opportunities? After skipping the recent IBJJF Pans with his brother to focus on their students and prepare for this event, Gui Mendes will definitely put on a great show with a unique array of new age techniques. The very successful Chantre will stand in Mendes’ way and try to match Gui’s technique with tricky submission attempts and a fair bit of scrambles. This fight will be won by the fighter who can control the distance best and be first, especially in the grip fighting game.

Dean Lister “The Boogeyman” vs Renato “Babalu” Sobral

Will Babalu utilize his strong wrestling and positional control to find an opportunity to finish the Boogeyman? Will Lister create a moment to snap on one of his many signature leg locks? Babalu continues his foray into the current competitive BJJ scene as he battles one of the most difficult to fighters to submit, while Lister competes for the second time in Metamoris after a very exciting affair with Xande Ribeiro at the first Metamoris Pro event. The keys to victory for Sobral will be maintaining

positional control and imposing his power top game, while Lister needs to take his time and find the opportune moment to attack in a scramble for another highlight reel finish.

Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhaes

Will Keenan continue the tear he’s been on in competition? Can Vinny control the young phenom and prove that he’s still a top dog in the no gi jiu jitsu realm? Fresh off of a great performance at the IBJJF Pans, where he closed out his division with teammate Guto Campos, Cornelius looks to take on the much larger and equally flexible and innovative Magalhaes, who is looking to surprise many. Incredibly active on the competition scene, Keenan has not been submitted in any major events since making a name for himself as a purple belt a few years ago, and will need to simply keep Vinny on his toes in order to create a scramble of his choosing to pounce on. Vinny will have to be very intelligent with his set ups and go after Keenan with a diverse array of attacks if he expects to catch the wunderkind.

Rafael Mendes vs Clark Gracie

Can Rafael overcome the size difference and use superior technique to triumph? Does Clark have what it takes to Clarkoplata one of the kings of modern jiu jitsu? Rafael will look to put the Mendes Bros style on display while Clark will look to take it to the 6 time world champion and win in emphatic fashion. The keys to victory for Rafa will be to shut down Clark’s crafty omoplata and kimura attacks, while Clark should look to use his size and weight advantage and limit Mendes’ ability to control the distance with his open guard.


Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie

The rematch the jiu jitsu world has been anticipating for years is finally happening. Can Bravo cement his legacy with another submission? Will Royler prove the doubters wrong and avenge arguably his most popular defeat? The first time these two met, Bravo pulled guard and was eventually able to submit Gracie with a triangle choke. Competing for the first time since that life altering day almost 11 years ago, Bravo’s game will be both very similar and very different from his days as the relatively unknown tricky brown belt prior to his victory over Royler. Eddie’s keys to victory will be to bring Royler into his rubber guard realm and limit Gracie’s ability to create space while also mounting relentless attacks. Royler on the other hand will have to spend plenty of time utilizing good distance management, and should force Bravo to fight him in the weakest areas of his game, mainly by constantly attempting to pass to Bravo’s weak side and by constantly threatening with leg attacks. Possibly the most anticipated and publicized rematch of all time, this headliner definitely guarantees fireworks.

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Josh Sequeira is an English major in university, aspiring high school teacher, and writer and content producer for Grapplers Planet. He is an avid competitor and student of the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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