Mateo Maldonado AKA Mangusto, winner of THE “2012 Mundials” top browns, a fighters view.


We couldn’t Be at the Worlds this year, but Some of our guys were there to represent and to show what they can do at the highest level of competition in BJJ.

Our Patches were floating and hovering over the mats, and One of High Level Competitor, Mateo Maldonado was there From NYc to represent his team: Alliance, and we were very confident that he would take it down, simply because of the hard work we seen him put in and the extensive training on and off the mats, but also the winning Mental states he puts himself in and the help from his teammates allowed him to get to that UBER level.

So after winning the Competition, and after him settling back down at home we have had the opportunity to sit down with him and chat about his experience, his thoughts as a competitor and also to have a little breakdown of how the matches went down for him.

Here is the goodstuff:


GP: What is your perspective of the Worlds?

 Mangusto: My perspective of the Worlds is what every serious competitors perspective is. It is the biggest tournament of the year and the one everyone trains hard for. If you win this tournament you are considered the best in the World…what beats that?

 GP: What is your vision as a fighter and competitor at the worlds?

 Mangusto: My vision as a fighter and competitor at the worlds is to be the best. I train hard and I have sacrificed many things to get where I am at in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I will continue to train hard and hopefully win the worlds multiple times.



GP: What is your experience competing at the Mundials, What did you feel about your game over there ?

 Mangusto: My experience of this Mundials, is me learning that my hard work is paying off and I can beat anyone in my division. My coaches at Alliance NYC always tell me to believe and my training partners are so good that I know I wont deal with anything I haven’t dealt with before.

 GP: How did your matches go? Specifics?


My 1st match I triangled my opponent in less than a minute.


My 2nd match I was up against Isac Chavez who I faced at the NY Open and Pan Ams just months before. He won by 2 points at pans and I won by submission in NY, so this was a grudge match. I landed up winning 12 points to 2.


My 3rd match I was up against a tough guy from GD Nova Uniao. I landed up winning the match 2 points and 1 advantage to 0.


My 4th match was against Ronaldo Candido who won Worlds last year and every other tournament after. He never lost at Brown so I was clearly the underdog since I got my brown this past December. I landed up winning the match by Refs decision but should have been given an advantage at the end of the match.


My 5th match didn’t take place because my teammate from Alliance SP Thomas Lisboa cleared out the other side of the bracket. So we closed out the division as Co Champions. He got 1st for points towards Alliance, I got 2nd place and the Gold Medal.




GP: What was your mind frame before entering the famous pyramid?

 Mangusto: My mind frame was I put in the work so now its time to show what I have, do my best, and have some fun.  I was pretty relaxed and chill but very confident. I just wanted to put on a good performance.

 GP: How did you prepare for this? tips for the readers out there? specific fight plan and training?

 Mangusto: BJJ is getting to a level where if you don’t train like a professional athlete you wont have a chance at placing in major tournaments at the higher belt levels. I train 6 times a week as well as teach and train 8 times a week. I also do strength and conditioning with my coach Kevin Paretti 3-4 times a week. He makes sure I peak at the right time so that I am not burnt out from all my training. When a tournament is coming up I dedicate more time towards drilling after class as well.

 GP: Tips?

 Mangusto: The only tips I have is if you want to win or place at these tournaments, you can’t train with an ego and you have to push yourself. If you don’t put in the time on the mats before you compete it will not only affect your technique, it will affect you mentally.

 GP: Who would you like to dedicate your win to?

Mangusto: I would like to dedicate my championship to my family, my instructors Fabio Clemente and Babs Olusanmokun, my strength & conditioning coach Kevin Paretti, and also to all my training partners/friends at Alliance NYC and my students at Cobans Muay Thai Camp.
GP: any other shoutouts?
Mangusto: Shoutouts to my sponsors
and ofcourse
Thank you So much Mateo for your time, Dedication, awesome work and representing Us and all of your other sponsors Proudly, Muito Respeito,You are a great representation of what this sport is. OSSSS!!!
More Of Mangusto will be covered through us and we will make sure we follow his progression at an events he competes in.
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