Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Even skeptics- in declaring that nothing can be known for certain- used uncertainty as a heuristic for seeking out answers. To assume that not knowing, or even actively ignoring, the answer is better than the alternative is the ultimate shame in the eyes of any thinking individual. 

Ignorance is the mass around which a vast array of the modern world’s issues orbit. One might argue that there are any multitude of factors that feed into issues like racism, hate crime, discrimination or injustice of any kind, but it’s not beyond reach to claim that many of the issues facing society today stem from places of ignorance.

Ignorance, like a malignant growth, begins its life in dark corners neglected by regular routines of reflection and light. When one fails to question, to inspect or assess, that growth is allowed to grow unchecked. Ignorance, its ideas, narratives and more innocuous forms are often allowed to propagate in the same ways that ideas and learning are. This is what makes ignorance so dangerous; its ability to spread rapidly when unchecked. Without firebreaks, a single spark is just as dangerous as an already raging firestorm.

Continued lack of efforts to address ignorance do not distance one from the issue, nor do they serve to remedy it. Light must be shone into every niche and egress, everything must be assessed and inspected for ignorance to be addressed.

Educate yourself, confront ignorance and question everything.

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