How to get DQ’ed.


How to get DQ’ed in a grappling tournament (HARD SLAM)

Video sent to us by GP fan Mike.


Mike: “I went up against a guy much bigger than me. He ended up slamming me pretty bad. The ref called the match, but I asked to still continue. We restarted in the same position and he than began forearm striking me to the head. The ref saw this and stopped the match.”

What are your thoughts on this video?

Things can go so wrong so fast. People that practice MA or Compete, need to learn to be more composed and have better self control.

There are mats and rules and points for a reason.

Being Bigger and stronger means you have a bigger chance of hurting someone, therefore a bigger responsibility towards others to be careful.

The elbow to the face also is what gets me quite enraged.

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