Gui Mendes Interview


    Gui Mendes:

    “I Have A More Versatile Game Than My Rivals. 90% Of Lightweights Only Fight From The Bottom.”

    Gui Mendes


    Guilhereme Mendes talked in a recent interview with Kid Peligro of ADcombat, and discussed why he is so successful, and the training at Art of Jiu -Jitsu academy in preparation for the Worlds which is two weeks away:

    KP- Gui, you’ve also been extremely successful in your career, what makes you reach the top of the podium with this frequency?

    GM– I believe in the fact that I have a more versatile game than my opponents in my weight division. 90% of the light feather competitors only fight from the bottom, I train to feel confident and comfortable wherever I am in a match

    Gui Mendes

    KP- Gui, who do you see as toughest opponents in this Worlds?

    GM My training partners are my toughest opponents always, I know if I train well against all of them I am certain that I have great chance of doing great at the Worlds. I train witht eh World Champion of the weight above me (brother Rafa) since I’ve started Jiu-Jitsu and that gives me extra confidence. No one is like Rafael.

    KP– Rafa & Gui, what is that motivates you to train and get better?

    MB– The search for new goals, we’ve always dreamed big and we love to work hard. We are young and blessed by the Lord

    KP- Atos Team has been showing up big and looking to take the lead in tournaments, to what you attribute that emergence?

    MB– We have a large number of extremely hard working people in our team.



    Gui Mendes

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