THE GRAPPLERSPLANET CHICKEN



What you are about to eat is awesome good and will rock your taste buds upside down. Get ready for a life Changing experience. :)

One day, after a long and hard core training session on the mats, We went home to get some food, and of course, we forgot to do the groceries. All that was left in the fridge was basically Chicken Breast and avocado’s.

Had to get something going and GP had to get FED.  So we started the creativity process and got a pretty easy and cool recipe and we are going to share it with you because we are pretty sure you will enjoy it and love every bite of it.


Here is what you need:

  • Garlic chopped or Minced Garlic puree ( 1 or 2 table spoon ) depending how you like it.
  • A very little bit of soy sauce
  • Original BBQ Sauce ( not too much but not too little, GP does about 2 Tablespoons worth).
  • Omega 3 Lightly salted Margarine ( BECEL used here: DHA+EPA+ALA which are the 3 important omega 3 fats to help maintain good health :)) Just Sayin’. One Table spoon. Not More. Careful!
  • Soft Matured Avocado.
  • And of Course The Chicken Breast ( Boneless Skinless in this case.) The choice is yours.

How to put it Together:

So let’s do this NOW, because GP can’t wait to get things cookin’ right here.

Start the stove, Get a decent size frying pan, cut the chicken breast in small squares, leave it on the side for now.

Put the Margarine  and the minced garlic puree, and let it melt, stirring it up once you have a slight boil.

Throw in the chicken in the Frying Pan and stir it up and let it cook for about a min,

Then add the BBQ Sauce with a string of Soy Sauce,

Let it cook, for a couple of minutes,

In the mean time, clean and cut the avocado in half, and spoon it and prepare it any way you want, and just put it in the plate, that is waiting for the chicken.

Now the chicken must be done, and attention, the chicken should NOT be burned or darkened, but just white inside, so that it is tender and that you can feel and taste the Marinade.


A few ways you can do it yourself:


Now Enjoy, and Let us know how it went? Send us pics and insights on the experience… LOL…

This is Healthy and very simple to do, and you will look forward to doing it again the next day, GUARANTEED!!!




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