Featured Fighter: Woolf Barnato Faixa Azul


Featured Fighter this week is  Woolf Barnato.

(Blue Belt).

We asked him to do an interview with us because he has a certain aura and energy in his game that we wanted to share with the people that don’t know him yet.

He is a fierce competitor and passionate about BJJ.  He Trains a lot to reach his goals. A Dedication that is an inspiration for many. Here is the interview with this cool kid from San Fran.

GP: Hi, Woolf, When did you start practicing jiu jitsu and how did you find it or how did it find you?

I started training when i was 5 in sort of a mixed style. there was jiu jitsu as well but also some standup stuff. i trained until i was about 11 and then stopped because all i wanted to do was skate. when i was about 16 i started training again and never looked back.

GP: Who do you train under and where?

WB: I train under Ralph Gracie and Kurt Osiander at the San Fransisco Ralph Gracie Academy


GP: What do you like most about this sport? what do you use it for?

WB: The sports my whole life. I live my whole life for jiu jitsu. everything i do I’m always keeping it in mind i guess what i like about it in general is the life style. Waking up sore, sleeping on the mat, training all day. It’s nice to have something to put your life towards

GP:  Are you a competitor type of BJJ’er?

WB: Yes

GP:  Where have you competed and what was the outcome?

WB: I’ve competed a lot in all sorts of different stuff. I would say my most prestigious victories would be my worlds 2nd place at blue belt last year (2011) and my gold medal from this years pan ams (2012)

GP:  What is your favorite submission? sweep?

WB: I like to take the back a lot. i think about taking the back whenever I’m training.  I even think about it before i go to bed ah-aha. I like to play DE la Riva to the back and i like to bow and arrow choke fools! aah-aha

GP: Do you prefer to play more attack or defense?

WB: I like to play everything. There’s always something to be learned from anywhere you are, as long as your moving your learning. If i had to choose between the two i would say i prefer to play offensively.

GP: When you step on the mat and are about to face your opponent, what goes through your mind?

WB: I’m a way bigger jiu jitsu looser then this guy! he probably only trains once a day. This dude probably goes out at night with his friends aha hah .


GP:  What are the top 3 places in the world you want to go to, or been?

WB: Man i would like to make it down one day to San Diego to train for sure. I’ve been to Rio, i would definitely like to go back there.

GP: When someone ask you about jiu jitsu or what it is, what do you answer them?

WB: I tell em it’s a sport kind of like wrestling except your trying to choke suckers out!

GP: How do you see this sport evolve in the next 5 years? how do you see it grow?

WB: It’s crazy to see how its already evolving so rapidly. So many people train. I feel like hopefully within the next five years, We will see it televised and it will be at a place where sponsors are able to pay there athletes for a living.

GP: What is your favorite fight music, or what gets you pumped?

WB: I’m from the bay area so ill listen to some bay area rap.


Thanks a LOT for  your time Woolf and looking forward to seeing you fight on the mats very soon and we will make sure to follow your progress in this sport. you are also very lucky to be training under the ever so cool prof. Kurt O.

Big osssss!!!







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