Featured Fighter- Faixa Branca: Hrvojee ‘Zuc’ Škrobo


Featured Fighter: Hrvojee ‘Zuc’ Škrobo

Over the past couple of weeks, Grapplers Planet has had the pleasure of talking to Hrvoje, a 4th degree white belt under Werdum Combat Team in Croatia. Hrvoje is 16 years old and still has a long journey to come in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World.


GP: Who are you? where do you train ? who is your professor? introduce you to the bjj community


Zuc: My name is Hrvoje Škrobo and my nickname is Zuc and that is how everybody calls me, I am 16 yrs old and 4th degree white belt with 1,5 yrs of training, I train at Werdum combat team in Zagreb, Croatia and my professor is Bojan Mirković, blackbelt under Fabricio Werdum.

GP: Why and when did you chosen to study the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Zuc: I started training bjj a year and a half ago, so I was training kickboxing when one day my coach came to my and said tomorrow we are going to have a guest, a blackbelt in bjj and he is going to hold a training seminar so i said ok because later I wanted to start MMA and I needed to learn some BJJ and Wresling. The seminar then comes and the seminar came to a close and he left a huge impact on how amazing the sport was, so I went to his BJJ gym to train a bit and that’s when it started.  I quit kickboxing and started doing BJJ seriously 6 times a week!


 GP: What are the things that attract you the most being on the ground?


 Zuc: What attracts me on the ground is how far BJJ can dig! Sometimes when you think that you got your position figured out, all of a sudden you have to readjust to another technique or verification of the move.



GP: What is your favorite submission? Sweep? And why?


 Zuc: My favorite submission is the kimura from side control I just like to do it hahahah. My favorite position is half guard, deep half guard because I just feel so comfortable in it and I like to take the back or sweep from that position.


 GP: What are you goals in bjj? why do you do it? world champion? hobby??


 Zuc: My goal in bjj is to be a european/world champion and its my dream to travel to Brazil to train and compete there and live bjj at its finest.

GP: The most important and valuable thing you have learned while doing this     sport?


 Zuc: Most important thing that i learned is to be humble and have respect for everybody and it doesn’t matter if he is smaller or lighter than you if you have a lack of respect for him he will beat you and I learned that first hand.

GP: Jiu jitsu in 3 words?


 Zuc: Dedication, humble, respect and I have to add family.


GP: How is the sport evolving in Croatia? how do you see it in the next 5 years?


Zuc:  Bjj in Croatia is still a young sport with 6 black belts, but with lots of potential for the future. Every competition I go toI meet some very good bjj fighters and this sport definitely has a future in Croatia.


 GP: What kind of music do you like to listen to before competition? or training?


 Zuc: In my gym we always listen to old school rap like from the 90-s but before competition I don’t like to listen music because I am always talking to my guys and having fun with them or warming up together so I don’t need to listen to music




GP: What do you tell a new person that comes in and tries BJJ but then feels like this sport might not be for him or her? how do you convince them?


Zuc: So as I am one of 3 youngest guys in the gym every new guy who gets beaten by me is always surprised when I tell them how old I am and how much I weight (74kg witouth gi) and then I tell them if I could beat you now imagine what are you going to be able to do when you put in as much time into bjj as I did because bjj is a deep sport and it takes a lot of time and patience to learn it because when I think that I know something all of a sudden it appears to me that I don’t know shit and I am still just a beginner.


 GP: Do you prefer the Gi or NoGi better?


 Zuc: I prefer gi because of the grips and I am not used to no-gi because we are more concentrated on gi in my academy


 GP: JIUJITSU a lifestyle for you or just a sport?

Zuc: Bjj for me is a lifestyle and it should be because if you are not 100% every training be sure that somebody that you are going to fight on competition is working his ass of to beat you so I give my best every training to be sure that doesn’t happen to me, Sure somebody can have a better day and beat you but you have to know that you gave you’re best that that doesent happen but if it does stay humble and congratulate the guy who beat you and learn from youre mistakes.


GP: “Zuc, Thank you So much for your time, and great having you for our Featured Fighter section. We wish you and your team great success and we will be watching you grow and conquer The mats.


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