Featured Fighter: David Garmo Faixa Roxa


Featured Fighter: David Garmo                          **UPDATE: DAVID IS NOW A PURPLE BELT**

So we asked him a few questions about his game, thoughts and his background in Bjj, Grappling and here are his answers and the good stuff he wanted to share with us:

1) where do you train and under which Professor, Teacher?

I train at Mash Gym and Warrior Way just outside Detroit. I train under 4 professors, Big Don Richard, Brandon Fracassi, Angelo Popofski and Harvy Berman. They are all black belts under Caique.

2) what’s your favorite submission?

My favorite submission is the step arm bar from top cross. Although i also enjoy a guillotine or 3! :P

3)What’s you favorite Sweep or Guard pass?

My favorite sweep is the star sweep from when my opponent stands in my closed guard. My favorite guard pass is stepping through straight to knee on belly, its just so easy sometimes haha

3) who’s your favorite Grappler / Bjj fighter? Why?

My favorite grappler has to be Marcelo Garcia because he is a smaller guy who is always looking to finish the fight. He is a middle weight who finishes heavy men in the absolute divisions. He was part of my inspiration to evolve my game around arm drags and guillotines. Hes the man and i will train to be like him one day.

4) what do you like best about Jiu Jitsu fighting?

I love the atmosphere of the academy. Everyone is trying to learn things they have never seen before and people are laughing and joking. Its all fun and games but when its time to get serious it does and the real training will begin. I love how you get the laid back attitude and training sometimes.

5) what is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is the be a black belt World champion. Every tournament i win now is just another step to get to that point and i will not be satisfied until my hand is raised on the big mat at the Mundials.

Thank you so much for supporting us David and looking forward to seeing you win the whole thing down.

**If you wish to be in the featured members, Keep posting in forums and we will randomly select one of you guys/ gals as our weekly featured fighter! Now get back to training… Oss.**



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