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This time We had the Greatest pleasure to work on this sweet interview with one of the Crop of the Crops in BJJ.  A top Faixa Preta, Professor and Competitor.  This is a Great Honor to have him sit and speak with us. A great personality and speaker of the sport. Here is how it went:


GP: Hi Professor, First of,  We would like to thank you VERY MUCH for speaking with us. Could you please tell our viewers about yourself? Who is THE Cyborg and how did you find BJJ?

Cyborg: My name is Roberto de Abreu Filho, born in Campo Grande in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil, the Country side of Brazil, called Pantanal. I Started training back in 1998 in my home town in Brazil called Campo Grande.I was raised in a farm, place where a great childhood and I was always a sports practitioner since I was little. After passing throu many sports, like Swimming, Karate and Judo, I did 3 years of capoeira, which helped me out a lot with my mobility in Jiu Jitsu. Well, in 1998, When I was 17 years old I started BJJ. Once playing around with a friend of mine he tapped me many times. At first i didn’t even understand what he was doing, but I was sure that that’s what I had to learn. Made him take me to his school and I felt in love with the sport. I won my first tounament with 2 weeks of practice. After three months of training in Brazil I came to US as an Exchange student, I lived here for a year, and believe or not thats where I got my blue belt wink. After a year I went back to brazil and never stopped training and I end up getting my black Belt with 5 years of training. I have been doing it for 14 years.


GP: Who is your professor?

Cyborg: My Master is Francisco Albuquerque “TOCO”. A black belt under Master Carlson Gracie and the owner of Team Nova Geracao. An amazing person!

GP: Why do you do it??

Cyborg: I simply fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from day 1 and since than I never get tired to say that training BJJ is not enough. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a life style and I’m proud to say that I live Jiu Jitsu every second of my life, its already in my blood.

Roberto cyborg abreu

GP: Do you compete? Travel the world to fight in different organizations?

Cyborg: I use to compete every weekend, but with all the work I have now with gyms, association and multiple seminars I try to compete as much as I can, but I don’t miss the main events, like worlds, ADCC and so on…

GP: Do you prefer to be a student of the game or a professor or both? why?

Cyborg: Both, but truly, being a professor is something that really inspires me, I love to watch my students train and compete.

GP: how do you train your students? competitive mind or more like a hobby/passion?

Cyborg: My main focus is competition, but we have training for all. I have different programs in my gym witch I fit my students accords to their goals. But in the end of the day, I want my students for the long run… the beauty of BJJ is that in the end of the day everyone train for the passion.

Roberto cyborg abreu

GP: what is next for the CYBORG?? where can find him, train with him? seminars?

Cyborg: Well, my main gym is in Miami, where I have open arms to everyone who wants to train a good Jiu Jitsu, but I have full schedule of seminars as well and Im always all over the place wink
Also I have my new baby, my online school ( www.bjjworldchampion.com) witch I use to keep in contact with my students from all over the world. Its an awesome tool for those who are really serious about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cause I have not only me, but all the best BJJ players in the world teaching in it. Everyone should check it out!

Roberto cyborg abreu

glasses GP: what is your submission of choice? or go to move and from what position?? when you get it, how do you feel at that moment in time??

Cyborg: I have a really wide game in BJJ, love take downs, passing and guard, so truly, for every moment there is a special trick, but I love inverted triangles.

Roberto cyborg abreu

GP: what is your favorite sweep??the world famous Tornado sweep??:)

Cyborg: Tornado Guard all day!!!


GP: when you train, do you prefer to start from standing up? or like most gyms, start from the knees ( ground )??

Cyborg: It depends on the level of the class, most of regular classes students start from their knees, competition training on feet, always!

GP: Gi or No-Gi? what is your preference? why?

Cyborg: I train more on the Gi, but I think I fight better on Nogi. My style is very loose, and my opponents tend to try to hold me when i have the gi on, no gi is easier to move and perform my techniques. But I love BJJ in general, I train both.

GP: What do you tell someone that has difficulties at first doing jiu jitsu or having a hard time adjusting? how do you keep them motivated?

Cyborg: First of all it has to be thought with passion, Jiu Jitsu is not an easy martial art, its hard on the body, and asks a lot of good mobility and coordination from the practitioners. So it is hard for most of the people. I believe that what keep the students hooked to the sport is the atmosphere that goes around the gym. We have a full set of tools for our guys to learn BJJ in a fun way of doing it.

Roberto cyborg abreu

Roberto cyborg abreu

GP: From all the places in the world you have been to and trained at, which country or city is the best one for you?

Cyborg: Man, nothing like Brazil, I love my country, specially my gym in my hometown. But other than that, I have traveled the world teaching BJJ and I really cant say there is a special place, because I have good friends all of the place and everyplace has its own magic.

GP: Who is your favorite jiu jitsu person? why?

Cyborg: My favorite BJJ person is Master Carlson Gracie for being such an inspiration to the competition aspect of BJJ we have nowadays, he is THE MAN, I have deep respect for him, and of course for my Master Francisco Albuquerque. He is a great teacher.

GP: What has BJJ thought you? what do you say to the readers out there??

Cyborg: BJJ has changed my entire life and has gave me everything I have. The only thing I have to say is that everyone should fight for their dreams, if you want something witch nobody has done before you gotta be ready to do things that nobody has done before as well. Sweat is not enough, you have to bleed in order to reach your dreams!! Never give up on it…believe, and the universe will conspire into making it happen to you!

God bless you all, Cyborg

GP: Muito Obrigado Professor. Ossssss

Roberto cyborg abreuRoberto cyborg abreu

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