This Month’s Interview of the Featured Black Belt is Prof. Lovi. An awesome and cool Guy that loves to enjoy life to the fullest and do crazy extreme things like Skateboard, snowboard, Bikes and the list goes on, so with this kind of lifestyle comes a great personality. That being said, he is also very serious when it comes to Martial Arts and BJJ. A very solid JiuJitsu Practitioner with a very impressive Lineage, and Background.

Here is how it goes, Enjoy :

GP: Hi professor, We are very happy to have you on our New featured Black Belt article, could you please tell us Who you are,where you train and where your academy is located? Who did you receive your black belt from?

RL: My name is Robert Lovi I’m a 1st degree black belt, my lineage is Professor Sauer – Rickson and Helio Gracie. I own and operate My Academy we just renamed LT99 ( Lovi Telles ) 99

GP: How long have you been training For? How was your journey since your white belt days?

RL: I started training in the late 90s. My journey has been unforgettable. I did most of my training in Utah with Prof Pedro Sauer. I move to San Diego 8 or 9 years ago. When I moved here Rodrigo Medieros was nice enough to welcome me as a Sauer student to train with his team Revolution. Made many friends and trained with great guys like Stefano Aguilar Clark Gracie Joel Tudor. Man the place was loaded with talent. My journey has take. Me to Brazil many times. I e taught seminars in Spain, Iceland, and Newfoundland many times. I’ve make strong bonds with teammates students and mentors. Jiujitsu has changed my life 180 degrees. It has been a positive force in my life.

GP: Have you competed before? if yes which competitions and what spot did you get on the podiums?

RL: I’m not a big competitor. My focus is Helios method of self defense for real world situations. My reason this time around on this planet is to help people by empowering them. To make them feel confident and not be victims. I’ve done some tourneys I’ve won a few and lost a few as well. I had fun at Rorion’s 1st tourney he did with no time limit. Some local tournaments in Salt Lake and San Diego like the San Diego open, Nationals, and the Europeans.

GP: Do you feel you are more of a competitor type or more oriented towards teaching?

RL: I am a teacher for sure I’ve been trained to teach and had the awesome opportunity to train with the most technical instructor. Prof Sauer. I started teaching in 2000 with helping out with the kids program at Prof. Sauer’s.

GP: What do you enjoy the most about BJJ, has it changed your life?

RL: I enjoy everything about Jiujitsu. The friends I’ve made the people I’ve helped. It’s flow I see it as a natural progression to skateboarding and much like surfing. It has completely turned my life around.

GP: Who have you trained with?

RL: Pedro Sauer , Rodrigo Medieros , comprido. Vieira. Bros, Tererê. Telles Galvao , ratinho, wander Braga, shaolin; kidpel, carlos Valente, Royler Rickson relson Rener rorion, Limao , Ronaldo jacare, Mario Reis ; werdum, jamaleo, I. Can go on.


GP: What is your Fighting style in Bjj?

RL: I’m a passer







GP: Who is your favorite Jits fighter, training partner, person?

RL: Fav partner is Telles. We just joined up to do the 99 project in San Diego out of previously Robert Lovi Academy www.graciesd.com is now LT99.
Favorite to watch is Jacare and Terrere



GP: What is your favorite submission and why??, what is your best escape??? and what sweep do you enjoy the most??

RL: Fav sub is a triangle I Catch it a lot
Fav escape is escaping the Back I play a lot of turtle due to Telles influence and gave up my back a lot and got comfortable escaping. Fav sweeps are half guard sweeps.

GP: When you train, what kind of music do you prefer to listen to while rolling?

RL: I Listen to everything from hip hop to punk to classic rock even bossa nova.

GP: What is Your Most favorite BJJ match you have seen??

RL: Shaolin x Vieira, Tererê x Werdum and Jacare x Werdum



GP: Now,Let’s say a new potential “lifelong” student is trying Bjj out, Likes it but gets discouraged, what do you do or say to try and share the love and passion for him or her to understand and stick with our fantastic sport?

RL: Just work through it. “Whats hard today is easy tomorrow. ” pro Sauer  


GP: How do you see the growth of the sport in the next 5 years?

RL: I think there will be more of a split. With MMA, Sport Jiujitsu and Pure ( Gracie ) Jiu Jitsu.





 Thank You So much Professor for this awesome Exclusive interview with Grapplersplanet.com,  We wish you all the best, Health Wealth and Happiness in all you Do,



Here is a Video Technique of Prof.Lovi :






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