Featured Black-Belt: Josh Griffiths ClockWork JJ


Grapplers Planet Introduces Josh Griffiths, BJJ Black Belt and owner of Clockwork Jiu Jitsu. An awesome school based in NYC.

1) How long have you been studying BJJ? When did you get your black belt?

” I’ve been studying BJJ since August 2001 and I got my Black Belt in December of 2007.”

2) What can you say about the person who gave you your black belt, Kenny Florian?

“Kenny is great guy and awesome teacher. He’s also a great student and is constantly looking to refine his techniques and learn new ones.”


3) What do you like about having your own school, Clockwork Jiu Jitsu?

“I love the opportunity to teach and train everyday. Also its an awesome chance to positively effect the lives of people that I most likely wouldn’t even get to meet outside of jiujitsu.”

4) What is your favorite submission? why?

“My favorite submission is the x choke or cross choke from the mount. I think it shows the most dominance in jiu jitsu and it is very low risk.”

5) What is your ultimate goal in BJJ competition?

“I’m not really sure about an “ultimate goal” but I want to go out every time I compete and show my best jiu jitsu.”

Thank you for sharing a moment with us and good luck with everything, Oss.


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