Featured Black-Belt: A.J Scales


Grapplers Planet Introduces A.J Scales, BJJ Black Belt from Nova Uniao. A solid BJJ’er from Saskatchewan.


1) How long have you been studying BJJ? When did you get your black belt?

I started training in 99 and received my Black Belt in 2009.

2) What can you say about the person who gave you your black belt, and who is/was your prof?

I was given my Black Belt by multiple world champion Leo Santos. But it was given to me by the approval of my instructor Wagnney Fabiano. I have been training with Nova Uniao for years so I like to say I’m a Black from the “Santos Bros” Wagnney is my direct professor and has been giving me direction for years.

3) Would you like having your own school? or would you prefer teaching Within a school?

I’m the head instructor and owner of Complete Martial Arts and Fitness which has been successful school for the past four and half years in all aspects. At the time of opening my gym I would have preferred to have focused more on my martial arts career. But I guess everything happens for a reason.


4) What is your favorite submission? why?

I would have to say my favorite submission is the triangle. I have long legs so it has been working well for me for years.

5) What is your ultimate goal in BJJ competition?

Every time I compete my goal is just to test myself. I always love comparing myself to some of the top guys and see what I can do. The medals are just for the wall.

6) What is your ultimate goal in Teaching?

Teaching has been such a passion now that i just want to see what people can do with what I show them. If it’s becoming a champion or becoming fit, confident or what ever they want.

7) what is your favorite Meal before and after a competition?

Before competitions I like to be light so my meal before consists of two bagels, two bananas and a coffee. After I love eating pasta!!

8)What is your training regimen for competition?

Before a comp I alternate my days between Gi training and conditioning. I try to have no less then five to six matches with one minute rests. I’ll pick all my top guys and act like a Pitbull and go crazy! lol


9)What is the best advice you could give to white belts out there that are just getting into our sport?

I tell all my white belts that compete just to go and have fun! Do the things you know and don’t try anything that you haven’t done before!!

A.J Scales, OSSSSS!!

Thank you so much for your time and answers Professor…. Wish you all the best in life and in BJJ…


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