DTF: Inverted Bow and Arrow Choke


Inverted Bow and Arrow Choke

Roro Cabrao a Judo brown belt and Mike show you the inverted bow and arrow choke at Roro’s private training area. They Explain in detail theMechanics of this technique for the beginners.bowandarrowinv


The Bow and Arrow is a very highly used Choke while playing BJJ. You will usually see players go for it when they can’t get the Rear Naked choke or loop choke from the back. They will transition to the BaA due to its High Finish rate and efficiency.

In a lot of submissions in BJJ there is usually a way and its inverted way.

Here we go over the Inverted version of the Bow and Arrow when your opponent shoots in or when you start from the knees.

Enjoy this sweet technique :)


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