Downloadable Content Review From MMA Leech


Videos by Gustavo Gasperin

Subject: Ashi Garami Fundamentals


Reviewed by Professor Gregg King (King Jiu-Jitsu)

The trend nowadays is to focus on Leg Locks, so we wanted to review and study the techniques available on MMA Leech; to learn more about the entries and understanding of Ashi Garami, aka Leg Entanglements (Leg Attacks).

Attacking 50% of the body that was for a long time frowned upon is currently surging as a trend for those eager to progress in the sport of grappling. Consequently, the area affected more often than not is below the waist.

It is a very important aspect of todays game to understand how to attack and defend, but in order to be proficient in the language of Leg Attacks you need also understand the true concepts of the fundamentals. Master them, then the rest will be easier to understand and apply as you climb the leg-locking-game echelons.

With MMA Leech, we were able to look over, study, and test out the various videos available to view either online or download, and watch over and over at will at home, on the public transit, or at the academy before class starts. What is offered to you are high quality videos and detailed explanations (in English) of what you need to learn, what you will soon apply in rolling sessions against your favorite training partner.

As a BJJ Black Belt myself, I have based my game a lot on old school Jiu-Jitsu (the OG style of grappling) and by that I mean I really enjoy the simplistic, efficient style of Jiu-Jitsu. Where fundamentals play a solid role in training and competition matches.

In that vein of thought, the learning and teaching of basics is a very important part of getting better and progressing in BJJ. Ergo, having access to such valuable information, the resources on MMA Leech, to help better grasp the Leg Lock systems of attacks and defense is highly important. With these videos I was able to target the part of my game that could always be strengthened. You know, that leg-locking- ankle-breaking- toe-holding-knee-baring phenomenon where if you simply ignore that bottom half of your body you will be drowning in the deep dark waters of inevitable submission.

In closing, as practitioners of Jiu-Jitsu we will never know the sport in its entirety and the chance to learn from quality instructors and/or knowledgeable sources how to better understand varied principles of varied techniques, those theories and angles, will always be a powerful implement within our individual toolboxes.

MMA Leech is a very well known and reliable authority of information for the BJJ world and they have been around to prove it for quite some time.

Here is the List of the content you will be able to study at will:

1. The Ashi Garami Position

2. Arm Positioning For The Ankle Lock

3. Finishing The Ankle Lock

4. Adjusting The Ankle Lock

5. Entries From Top Position

6. Countering Early Defenses

7. Tripod Ankle Lock And Variations

8. Tripod Ankle Lock As First Option

9. Knee Torque Submission And Options

10. Single Leg X-Guard Position

11. Single Leg X-Guard Entries

12. Standard Sweep And Variations

13. The Assis Sweep And Options

14. Finishes From Top Side Ashi Garami

15. Modified X-Guard Tripod Sweep

16. Transition To X-Guard

17. X-Guard To The Back

18. Mount Escape Reentry

19. Modified X-Guard Sweep

20. Countering The Back Step

21. Bonus Video: A Guide To The Main Leglock Positions

22. Bonus Video: Straight Ankle Lock Defense

23. Course Update: Ankle Lock Early Defense

24. Bonus Video: The Science of the Straight Ankle Lock

25. Bonus Video: The Science Of The Toehold

26. Bonus Video: Kneebar Submission Explained

27. Bonus Video: Is Knee Reaping Dangerous?

28. Bonus Video: Understanding The Heel Hook Submission

29. Bonus Video: Garry Tonon vs Ralek Gracie Breakdown

30. Course Update: Single Leg X-Guard Entry From Mount Escape

31. Course Update: Gordon Ryan’s Outside Ashi Garami into Honey Hole against Felipe Pena

32. Course Update: Danaher Death Squad Inside Sankaku Study

33. Course Update: Single Leg X-Guard Tripod Sweep & Options

Aside what you learn from the very knowledgeable Professor Gustavo is the way the videos are shot and the clarity of the angles. They show you each move in various stages and positions, and for the techniques that require more visuals, that might be obstructed by a leg or arm, the viewing angle will change to accommodate. Which is very important in order to understand the intricacies.

The quality of the digital image is clear and bright. Each technique is shown with 2 different colors of garments to minimize confusion – which is great because this visual consideration is not often employed.

Vocal instruction is very clear, spoken in western English, and not rushed. The emphasis is on the importance for you to comprehend the technique and how to apply it. Which is a great touch.

It is as if you are in class with Professor Gustavo, and I find both relatable and awesome. He looks at the camera often during each technique which makes you feel like you need to pay closer attention. Some DLC videos out there do not have that kind of intimacy, and it adds a cool factor to the level of scrutiny you need to give to each tutorial.

Another great touch to this Ashi Garami package of videos is that you not only have bonus videos detailing breakdowns and studies of folks like Gordon Ryan, and the Danaher Death Squad, but you also have professional scientific explanations from a medical doctor regarding what happens when leg attacks are applied, how they affect the body, and the seriousness of possible injury than can result from them. That specific aspect is such an amazing addition to great fundamentals techniques, for all levels. The result is that you better understand that the Leg Lock game is not to be taken lightly.

For only $37, this is certainly a tremendous package to purchase and work with that you can use for life on the mats and a very good deal for such pin-point, quality instruction. Created without cutting corners, here you will learn the real work, which will make all the fancy moves easier to.

Trust me, in the long run, this is the best thing you can do for yourself:

Study. Understand. Apply. DOMINATE!

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