Carlao Santos and PrimeBJJ now in Colorado


One of  close Friends and original creator of the Abu-Dhabi Pro, Mestre Carlos Santos has been back from the middle-East and stayed back home in Brazil for a little while before he decided to move to the USA, Colorado. He has big dreams and ambitions now that he is back full blast into the BJJ lifestyle. He has Been Very busy with opening his own training center and developing the jiujitsu scene over there.

We show him our full support and we have gone over his plans and interviewed him on what he is trying to do in his new home where people treat him with a lot of respect and love. The way it should be.


GP: Hi Mestre, So we know of a few of your big ideas, but  what would you like to introduce to us today?

CS: Hi, We would like to talk about Prime BJJ Center. Our new Training center in the West.

GP: Fair enough, and when and where exactly will you guys be operational?

CS: The Opening in February 15th 2012 in Colorado Springs but Fully operational by end of March.

GP: Who is at the head of this exciting Gym?

CS: Well, the Owners will be myself an 11 years at black belt and Marcelo Motta (7 years at black belt)











GP:What are your objectives as a new academy, what will you be offering? what will be special about PrimeBJJ?

CS: We have 4 Missions:

 a) Teach a high level Brazilian Jiujitsu, straight from the source (we are both Brazilians and have strong roots in the sport), Carlson Gracie and BTT school lineage.

b) BJJ for the whole family, programs for kids, juniors, women, adults and competition?

c) Camping programs

d) Tournaments – Grow the Super Cup, created by Carlos Santos – We already have partners in USA, Canada and Brazil. In the future to make the Super Cup worldwide.

GP: Now, Tell us what is the meaning of your logo? what does it represent?

CS:Ok,  The knight (horse) is the more “free” piece in the game that can move in different ways and directions so the more experienced chess players fear the knight(horse) for its capability to move mostly everywhere, any directions, so you never know what to expect from the knight(horse) thats the link between the BJJ fighter and the knight. This is why we decided to go with the PrimeBJJ logo for our school.  I hope you guys like… :)


GP: That is superb, but tell us why did you chose Colorado out of all the states in the US? What has attracted you there other than awesome Skiing?

 CS: ahahahah!!! well lets  talk about the Colorado springs city and lifestyle that we like:

a) it is the second most populous city in the state of Colorado, behind Denver

b) city stands over one mile above sea level

c) hosts military bases, air force academy and United States Olympic Center

d) Colorado Springs was selected as the No. 1 Best Big City in “Best Places to Live” by Money magazine in 2006 and placed number one in Outside’s 2009 list of America’s Best Cities


GP: Those are in fact very good and strong reasons, and we will make sure to come visit you very soon for some intense rolling and check the BJJ life in the West. Thank you so much for speaking with us and sharing more about your Goals in BJJ. Muito Obrigado Mestre Carlao, Professor Motta, Osssss

CS: Our Big Pleasure, see you soon, Osss!!!! We come to Canada soon too,  :)



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