BJJ Techniques w/ Roberto Barboza Filho

Sweep From Half Guard

Move 1-2, top left to right; Move 3-4, middle left to right; Move 5-6, bottom left to right

(1) This technique applies where Player 1 (white gi) is locked under pressure in half
guard, while Player 2 grabs behind Player 1’s back with his hands locked.
(2) Player 1’s left hand grabs the inside of Player 2’s collar, and sends his right hand
between Player 2’s legs. At the beginning, this helps control the pressure Player 2
is creating.
(3) Player 1 focuses controlling Player 2’s hip to get into the deep half guard. Player
1 tries to keep Player 2’s right leg between either one of his legs.
(4) Player 1’s left hand grips Player 2’s right ankle to keep the opponent’s leg at a 90-
degree angle. This helps Player 1 open both legs and wait for the right momentum
to kick forward and achieve the sweep.
(5) After Player 1 achieves the sweep, he keeps his right-hand grip behind Player 2’s
(6) Player 1 moves towards a sprawl position with both legs over Player 2’s right leg.
Player 1 maintains shoulder pressure on Player 2’s chin.

Rear Neck Choke from the Back Take

Move 1-2

(1) Player 1 controls Player 2 by grabbing with his right hand over his opponent’s belt,
and left hand behind Player 2’s collar.
a. Player 1 extends his left leg and puts his chest over Player 2’s back.
b. Player 1 maintains good posture while simultaneously creating pressure.
(2) Player 1 maintains pressure on Player 2’s lower back, keeping his left-hand grip
behind his opponent’s neck.
a. Player 1 focuses on keeping his weight over Player 2’s lower back, which
prevents Player 1 from going forward.

Move 3-4, top left to right; Move 5, bottom

(3) Player 1 puts both hooks (feet) in Player 2’s inner thighs, and secures the seat belt
(4) Player 1’s right hand grips Player 2’s right collar. Player 2’s left hand controls the
top collar to begin the choke.
(5) With both hooks and both collar grips secured, Player 1 extends his hip, and begins
the submission choke.
a. Keep on mind that if the opponent makes attempts to defend, Player 1 may
need to do a hip escape to deepen the choke and create more pressure.

Defense to Under-the-Arm Behind Hug

Move 1-2, top left to right; Move 3-4, bottom left to right

(1) This technique applies where Player 1 is surprised with a hug from behind under
both arms by Player 2.
(2) Player 1 puts both legs on the either side of Player 2’s right leg, so Player 2’s right
leg stays between Player 1’s legs.
(3) Player 1 posts both hands in the floor, with the focus on keeping Player 2’s right
leg between Player 1’s legs.
(4) Player 1 grabs the back of Player 2’s right ankle with both hands.

Move 5-6, top left to right; Move 7, bottom

(5) Player 1 creates momentum to pull forward Player 2’s right ankle to make Player
2 fall backwards.
(6) Player 1 keeps a slight bend in his knees, aiming to prevent Player 2’s hip from
touching the floor.
(7) Player 1 posts his right knee on Player 2’s belly to maintain effective control over
the opponent. Then Player 2 can begin working towards a submission.

Guillotine Defense to Take Down

Move 1-2, top left to right; Move 3-4, bottom left to right

(1) This technique is used when Player 1 (white gi) is in an attempted guillotine choke,
carried out by Player 2.
(2) Player 1’s left hand grabs Player 2’s right one to try to intercept the pressure over
his neck.
(3) Player 1 uses his right hand to grab Player 2’s gi behind the collar.
(4) Player 1’s left hard simultaneously pulls Player 2’s right hand upwards.

Move 5-6, top left to right; Move 7-8, bottom left to right

(5) After Player 1’s neck is free from Player 2’s guillotine attempt, his left hand secures
the opponent. Player 1 squats with both legs to gain more explosiveness.
(6) Player 1 grabs Player 2’s pants, keeping his right-hand grip on Player 2’s back.
(7) With both grips on Player 2, Player 1 lifts his opponent, keeping his right grip
behind Player 2’s neck, and the left one between Player 2’s legs.
(8) Player 1 sends Player 2 to the floor, maintaining control by taking a dominant
position with his left knee on Player 2’s belly, while maintaining both grips.

Guard Pass

Move 1-2, top left to right; Move 3-4, bottom left to right

(1) This technique is used where Player 1 (white gi) seeks to pass Player 2 (black gi)’s
half-guard or guard.
(2) Player 1 put his right knee over Player 2’s left leg, and does an underhook with his
left arm under Player 2’s right knee.
(3) After Player 1’s left hand gets the underhook, he grips Player 2’s collar.
(4) Player 1’s left shoulder creates pressure while he crosses his left knee to meet his

Move 5-6, top left to right; Move 7-8, bottom left to right

(5) Player 1 starts passing guard with pressure, keeping his left hand over Player 2’s
(6) Player 1 stays on his toes, so his body weight creates the pressure necessary to
pass guard.
(7) While Player 1 tries to continuously maintain the pressure, he slows down after the
opponent becomes more fatigued from trying to recover the guard.
(8) After Player 1 passes guard, he maintains control over Player 2.

Baseball Bat Choke from the Top

Move 1, top; Move 3-4, bottom left to right

(1) Player 1 (white gi) grips the inside of Player 2 (black gi)’s collar, with his knuckles
facing inside the collar, as deep as possible.
(2) Player 1 closes his right elbow over his left arm. The pinching movement will begin
to create pressure over Player 2 neck.
(3) Player 1 put his own chest over Player 2, which is the final step to complete the

Roberto Barboza Filho is a Soul Fighters team representative from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He has become one of the most acclaimed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches in the international scene, leading athletes to win important events. Further demonstrating his knowledge of the sport, Roberto has also judged several international BJJ events as a referee.

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