Berimbolo To Rear Choke from De la Riva Guard w/ Vinicius “Orelha” Gimenes

Move 1-2, top left to right; Move 3-4, bottom left to right

(1) Player 1 (black gi)’s right hand grips Player 2’s right collar. Player 1’s left ankle wraps
around the back Player 2’s right leg. (De la Riva Guard)
a. Player 1’s left hand holds the back of Player 2’s right ankle.
(2) Player 1’s right hand pulls forward Player 2’s collar, breaking his opponent’s posture.
Player 1 simultaneously presses his right leg against Player 2’s left leg, pushing away the
opponent’s leg to create space between the competitors.
(3) Player 2 will generally grab Player 1’s right leg to push it to the floor and work towards
passing guard. Player 1 pulls Player 2’s collar and kicks his left leg up with the De la Riva
hook, moving Player 2 to the left side.
(4) When Player 2 lands on the mat, Player 1 extends his left leg (the one creating the De la Riva hook) straight. Player 1’s right hand grips Player 2’s pants behind his hips, to
eliminate any space or opportunity for Player 2 to make a hip escape.

Move 5-6, top left to right; Move 7-8, bottom left to right

(5) Player 1’s right leg passes to the inside of Player 2’s left leg. Player 1’s left hand grips
Player 2’s pants for better control and approach of the opponent. This grip will make
Player 1 more easily able to reach back control by pulling over Player.
(6) After gaining control of Player 2’s pants, legs, and hips, Player 1 pulls and turns the
opponent. Player 1 faces Player 2’s back with his shins behind the opponent’s knees.
Player 2 must establish an active grip before the back take.
(7) Before the back take, Player 1 must be careful not to expose his right leg too much while between Player 2 legs, to avoid getting trapped in a knee bar. Player 1 opens the top of his knee towards the mat, maintaining control over his opponent’s leg and hip, until his
right leg (the bottom one, closest to the floor) makes the first hook on the opponent’s
(8) As soon as Player 1 has both hooks on the inside of his opponent’s thighs (without
crossing the feet), Player 1 secures the seat belt and pulls in the opponent tightly.

Move 9-10, top left to right; Move 11, bottom

(9) Transitioning from the seatbelt, Player 1 creates space and each of his hands grabs one of Player 2’s collars. Player 1 makes a small hip escape and reaches the choke.
(10) When Player 1 grabs the collars, he sits back and passes his left leg over Player 2’s collar, to stop Player 2 from turning over or rolling away to avoid the choke.
(11) Player 1 puts his right leg over Player 2’s right shoulder, creating more pressure and less space for Player 2 to escape. Finally, to finish the submission, Player 1 pulls both of Player 2’s collars while his right leg exerts pressure over Player 2’s shoulder.

Vinicius “Orelha” Gimenes is an acclaimed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert who has given international seminars on his renowned techniques. He recently won gold in the 2020 IBJJF Austin Winter International Open, among many other esteemed titles.


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