Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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By Emily Kwok  BJJ is a very physically demanding sport. A workout can leave you feeling wasted more often than not, yet grounded at the same time. Most people can’t bear...
By Jahred Dell  There is always a case to be made for having a good foundation in any martial art. Before you can innovate, emulate or recreate advanced techniques, you...
By Micheal van Ginkel Sweat trickles down my brow, stinging my eyes, but I ignore the discomfort. Between the protective barrier of my MMA gloves, I carefully follow my... Ideas to improve you Single Leg X-Guard, from James O’Connor.

Longevity In BJJ

By Emily Kwok Dear Reader, This is not an article for “old people.” This is an article for people who want to feel happy and healthy... Professor Arther ‘Zuka’ Chandramohan recaps a session with a progression of sweeps. Zuka BJJ Gear Zuka Wears