All You Need Is a Paper Plate for This Bjj Strength Workout


If you have limited equipment, the best way to make your training more difficult is to slow down, add pauses, or increase reps. You can also destabilize your position by limiting your support or creating a slippery surface. Paper plates will do the trick. If you have furniture sliders you can use those too!

You can start with the warm-up from last week’s session.

Today’s Workouts: Aim for 4 rounds of each pair. Start with 5 reps of every exercise per side. Feelings strong? Increase to 8, 10, then 12 in the final set. Limit rest to 15s between As and Bs.

  • Exercises with * should be done with paper plates or sliders

1A. Incline Plank Mountain Climber*

1B. Jumping Lunge Hold

2A. Sliding Push-Up*

  • Modification: Straight Arm Plank with Reach

2B. Lunge Matrix*

3A. Turkish Get-Up with Block 

  • 1 Rep per side per round

3B. Hamstring Curl*

Want to add some resistance? Try loading a backpack up with straps pulled tight. Or, use any free weights you have at home. Complete the workout on one day using bodyweight with high reps (10-15) and on another day with a load and lower reps (5-8).

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