Abu dhabi World Pro Trials: Xande & Cyborg Reign Supreme


By Lisa Sabatini

Abu Dhabi World Pro trials blowout the weekend with star-studded Jiu Jitsu in both NYC and San Diego last Saturday and Sunday.

Major centers for Jiu Jitsu in North America, both cities draw out the continent’s top Gi players.

On the East Coast, NYC saw Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (Avengers), Roberto Alencar (Gracie Barra), Lucas Leite (Checkmat), Lucas Lepri (Alliance), and Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) take gold medals in the men’s Brown/Black belt categories. Each man earns his place in the April Abu Dhabi World Pro Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Cyborg submits every opponent on his path to gold.

In the women’s Purple/Brown/Black belt divisions Vianca Jager (ECU BJJ) and Valerie Worthington (Marcelo Garcia) also take gold in the light and heavy divisions.

At the same time on the West Coast, Xande Ribeiro wins the men’s Brown/Black belt 202 lbs division and the absolute division beating out the likes of Romulo Barral and Andre Galvao in San Diego.




Marcel Fortuna (Ralph Gracie), Xande Ribeiro (Ribeiro JJ), Andre Galvao (Atos), Zak Maxwell (Gracie Humaita), and Guilherme Mendes (Atos) all take gold in their Black/Brown weight classes.

Andre Galvao takes first place over Clark Gracie in the 183 lbs weight division, but loses the absolute gold to Xande Ribeiro in an evenly scored 4-4 fight with Ribeiro winning by advantages.

Zak Maxwell takes the back and the gold over Kron Gracie in the 163 lbs finals.

In the Purple/Brown/Black women’s divisions, Angelica Galvao (Atos) takes first place over Tracey Goodell while Emily Wetzel (BJJ Revolution) scores 6-2 for gold over Maia Matalon (Ralph Gracie)

Purple belt, Angelica Galvao, scores the win over brown belt, Tracey Goodell. Goodell, a longtime Lloyd Irvin competitor, makes her return to the competition scene after taking time away. She returns under the new banner of team Atos.


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