A Guide To Lasso Guard Variations

By Erick Raposo

Lasso Guard To Submission

(1) Player A (bottom) achieves the lasso guard using his left leg and Player B (top)’s right arm.

(2) Player A switches his right foot from Player B’s left elbow to the opponent’s left shoulder.

(3) Player A switches his right-hand grip from Player B’s left sleeve to the opponent’s right collar.

(4) Player A draws in Player B’s left elbow, positioning the opponent’s arm between Player A’s left side of the torso and left thigh.
a. Player A’s right leg straightens against Player B’s shoulder, with the inside of his knee against the opponent’s neck.

(5) Player A’s left leg wraps around the opponent’s back to interlace the feet.
a. Player A’s knees pinch together, pressing his left hand against his thigh.

(6) Player A’s right hand (making a fist while gripping Player B’s collar) pushes against the opponent’s neck to achieve the submission.

Lasso Guard to Mount Through Backroll Sweep

(1) Player A (bottom) creates the lasso guard by gripping Player B (top)’s right gi
sleeve and weaving his left leg in the inside of Player B’s elbow, bringing the left
foot to Player B’s back.

(2) Player A switches the right-hand grip to Player B’s collar and “loads” the sweep by
drawing in Player B towards his torso.

(3) Player A’s feet push against Player B’s hips while maintaining the right-hand grip.

(4) Player A achieves the sweep by straightening his legs to propel forward Player B.

(5) Player B lands on his back as Player A finishes the backroll sweep.

(6) Player A swiftly comes into a mount position to achieve additional points.

Lasso Guard to Side Control Through Sweep

(1) Player A (bottom) creates the lasso guard with his left leg and Player B (top)’s right
a. Player A’s right foot presses against the inside of Player B’s left elbow.

(2) Player A puts his left foot under Player B’s right knee, trapping the opponent’s right
arm between Player A’s thigh and calf.

(3) Player A maintains his right-hand grip on Player B’s left sleeve and his left-hand
grip on the opponent’s right sleeve.

(4) Player A’s right leg straightens and comes to the left side, forcing Player B onto
his back.

(5) Once Player B is on his back, Player A “unties” the spider guard by placing his
right foot on the mat.
a. Player A’s right-hand grip switches from Player B’s left sleeve to the
opponent’s right pant leg.

(6) Player A’s right hand pushes Player B’s right leg towards the opponent’s left side.
a. Player A begins coming onto his knees by drawing in the left knee towards
the opponent’s shoulder (side control position).

(7) Player A’s right hand slides under Player B’s head to grab the opponent’s left
a. Player A has achieved side control and can begin creating shoulder

Erick Raposo is a second-degree Blackbelt representing Soul Fighters team. He has become one of the most renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches in the international BJJ scene. He has produced Brazilian National, Pan American, and World Champions athletes. He is also renowned for his instrumental work for U.S. military veterans, including for We Defy Foundation in the United States.


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