Featured Grappler: Brenda King, Brown Belt 60 Years Young!


Hi All,
First time post…
this Saturday I’ll be 60. I’m a retired chemistry and physics teacher and a mother of 22 year old twins ( both just graduated from college).

I started BJJ in 2006 and I was really bad at it. Super bad actually.

I had done stand up my entire life… Kickboxing, JKD, Kali… lots of tournaments until I hit 40 then retired from it and just taught.

My first 12 years of BJJ I looked and looked for tournaments and there were none in my age group.

Fortunately, This past Feb I signed the petition to add Masters Women divisions to the Ibjjf tournaments… shortly afterwards the Pan Ams had my age group so I entered. I wanted to to support the movement and momentum of Masters Women Divisions in BJJ .

I’m really glad I entered. I learned a lot about tournaments. I’m excited to do more in 2019.

Anyways for those younger than me I just want to say … Do not give up. Yes it’s hard…But Do not get discouraged. You Are BJJ. We Are BJJ. We make up a larger and larger portion of the art.

Back in 2006 there were no 40+ year old women on the mat now you can find 1-2 or more at
many academies.

We are a growing population in BJJ. YOU are pioneers at your Academies. Keep going, lead the way. The future of the art needs you.

Enjoy it, share it and expand it . Don’t stop because the younger 30 year olds need you to lead the way for them !

Thank you for reading ❤️🙏

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