2014 NABJJF: L.A Jiu Jitsu Open.


L.A International Jiu Jitsu Open. 


By: Vivianne L.G

On June 21st and 22nd, GP had the pleasure to cover for the first time the LA Intl Open, here in Carson California.

With a little more than 1700 competitors, this all belts Gi and noGi competition was in all kind of ways, a great success.

The thing is we all know, or can imagine, how hard and demanding it is, to organize and direct, such big event. We asked Joao S. (director of the event) about it, and this is what he answered:

” Why I do this? Passion! Our mission, is to bring jiu jitsu competitions to the next level. An olympic level. We worked hard, and take great pride in having reunited the North American, South American, Asian and European Jiu Jitsu Federations all together already, for a total of around 20 competitions a year, worldwide! All sharing the same vision, same rules, and same working ethics. But the job is not even half done! Its when all federations will be joining together, and then only, that our sport will grow significantly to be taken seriously, and finally reach its highest potential. That is our mission. Thats what I want the whole world to see, thats why im working so hard. I had 500 kids participating at the LA Open this weekend, my own 2 daughters are competing. I see, THERE IS a brighter future for our sport and passion, but if only, we all work at it legitimately.”


Wise words. But how to achieve that? “With the same rules. Same goal. No advantage, only points or submission, no referee decisions.”

Makes sense… To think about… So for another perspective, we asked  the competitors, their opinion. The answers were pretty clear and on the same side. Everybody agreed. One answered us this and it sums it all up:

“I like that. Favoritism, politics and money do not interfere anymore. On the mats, its our skills and our skills only that should decide who is the winner. Nothing else or it destroys the sport’s spirit.”






Sport’s spirit. We like that!


Whether you agree or not, we encourage any jiu jitsu lovers to participate in one of their competitions. With more than 7 under the North American Federation, and around 10 internationally, you have the choice and no excuse!! Give them a shot!! They have an exciting upcoming schedule; next event is in Japan, then in Texas July 19th and their 10th Annual North American Tournament will be on august 9th and 10th. For more info on whats next and to be sure to register on time, visit their website at www.nabjjf.com


So that’s it for us, hope you guys enjoy the pictures and videos! Don’t be shy to tag yourself and friends, spread the love and make the community grow! Many thanks to Joao, Veronica, Patricia and all their team for such great event, we had an awesome time covering it, and we’ll be more than pleased to collaborate with you guys again!

For all readers thank you! If there’s an event, school, seminar or any topics you would like us to cover, feel free to contact us. Maybe YOU will be our next article!




(Maybe you are in them …)

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