Amazing BJJ competition in Toronto,

GrapplersPlanet.com had the great Honour of being invited to one of the top competition in Ontario, the 2012 Ascension and so we will do a cover of how both days went ( Gi and NoGi ). It was such a pleasure.

First off, we would like to thank Prof.Omar Salvosa, His wife and the OJA crew for organizing a real and top quality event.

The competition started with the National Anthem sang very originally with Prof. Omar Salvosa and a couple drums for the beat, which was very captivating and cool.
Then it ran smoothly and was a lot of fun to watch and compete, even though a little bit off schedule, but that is no “biggie” since we are all used to the fact that divisions, even though they try to keep them going on a roll, will always encounter some kind of problem, like calling the medic, extra time, fighter not on deck and so on. It is not always the organizers fault, so that in no way takes away from the events quality.

The 2012 Ascension was very successful with over 800 Gi and No-Gi competitors the two days that started from 9am to 7pm were just filled with excitement, passion, fights, arguments, tension, skills from all levels, and interesting matches to look at.
These are all the words that can be used when you think about that day we spent there. This is what we love doing, this is what we enjoy living so every time YOU, WE go to those events we just feel so pumped and as we are already there, cannot wait for the next big event. It is the perfect opportunity to see your friends, and family from your club or other clubs and share a laugh and a “pound” and even play it off on the mats.

The kids Section of the Tournament was just incredible. This part of the competition never ceases to amaze us at it keeps growing and they get so much better every time they compete. It is so interesting to watch the Little ones put it out there and show us the incredible talent and skills that is passed on nowadays thanks to great teachers and professors. Some of them will become world champions.

The reffing was really top notch and head refs always made sure that the calls made, points awarded or DQ`s were right and fair for both opponents in every single matches that went on when in doubt. The referees, as we noticed paid very close attention to every fighter that stepped on the allocated mats and to make sure that no one got hurt or to make a decision to stop a match when they felt someone would get seriously hurt asking the competitor in a tough spot if he was OK, to allow them to fight another day. Safety is number one and the main concern of every parent that let their kids get out their and fight the unknown. They proved it safe to the best of their abilities.

The way we felt the competition scene in Ontario, Canada growing is very exciting, the reason is because of such events, that Prof. Omar Salvosa, Prof. Gringo, Tony Isaacs take the time to create and put together just keeps us “alive” and up to date with the fact that we can improve and learn more from our game by facing others as regularly as possible. These guys make it happen so that we can have those weekends of pure stress, weight cutting and learning curve boosters. All of this is part of the game, and the duties as a fight/competitor. With pain comes a lot of pleasure. These Tournaments are there for us to have the best and safest time of the weekend we compete in because we all trained hard to be able to step on these mats and fight in front of an increasingly interested audience. It takes GUTS to go out there and play with some of the best in your division, belt and rank category. When you compete your whole game shifts upwards. This is why we need to be thankful that we have such a great group of organizers around that help us achieve what we are looking for and on top of that, win awesome looking medals that get sexier and Graphically more attractive every competition that we go too.

The Ascension not only is a competition where people can come to compete from everywhere, but it is a family friendly competition where ego is left at the door and that promotes laughter and love and good times. As the motto of the event says:

“UNITY: Out of Many, One People“

It was also really cool, the fact that there were good tunes playing in the background with an event DJ and the food offered was really good. We had some of that jerky chicken and it was really a perfect fit after cutting weight and fighting.
The competition had that Islandish, relaxing feeling at the same time, because of these features that were there.

In the Video Attached, we have a word with Prof. Omar Salvosa and go more in depth with how it went and to actually hear it from Him, as it is important to see the face of who puts it all out there for us to enjoy. We also have a few `testimonials`from some fighters to go with this article.

All in all, the final words we can give is that it was an awesome event and we simply cant wait to be at the next one in 2013 and we can guarantee you one thing, it will only get better and bigger with more and more features, fighters, mats, divisions but with the same cool people with the same smiles to be there to help you and to make sure that the experience you have at the event puts a smile on your face and fills your mind with great memories, pictures and videos of you, your friends, teammates and close ones fighting and putting all their skills to the test of the competition life.

Thank you so much for the support and all the love received from Prof. Omar Salvosa and the OJA. This event was a total success and simply cannot wait for the next one.


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