Yulianna Svetilina from Australia


A Gracie Barra BJJ student in Australia.


gracie barra

Yulianna loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has not been doing it for a long time. The reasons why she loves this sport is because of the fact that she sees it as everywhere there is a learning

opportunity and to learn how to fight better and improve self development. She says that Self Analysis will give you a chance to win in life and BJJ helped her realize that more and more


She also said that the advice she gives others is that it is fine to be the higher belts mat dummy, because you learn faster and more efficiently than if they did not go hard on you or let you have it your way.

gracie barra

You just have to keep training and coming back the next day to get better and improve your mistakes.

Even though she hasn’t done it for that long, she caught the BJJ Bug and that is just a great thing to have in your life.

Welcome on the Mats Yulianna.



gracie barra


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