the “Weekend Warrior”!

An awesome story we caught from a FB post! We had to share it!!
Word from Jesse Saxon
 I saw a man leaving the competition today in a minivan (complete with the sticker family in the back window). I pulled up along side of him when I reached the stop light and watched him wipe the sweat away & chug a bunch of water.
He was in the car alone and most likely heading back to his home & family–the quintessential “weekend warrior.” I couldn’t help but appreciate him in that moment; and subsequently every who competed today.
I don’t know who that guy was personally, but I know ‘him’ very well. We all do. “Spartan, come back with your shield or on it,” as the Spartan queen Gorgo so famously said, but all my congratulations and respect to all of those who competed today.
Your motives to compete are your own, but we all share that warrior spirit that refuses to die inside of this rat race world. You’re all amazing athletes and wonderful people–this sport refuses to let anyone else step on the mats.

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