[VIDEO] Mike Aviado of Body Of 4 HL.


NeoJitsTV 16, UFC 2 Royce Gracie vs Pat Smith, Mike Aviado Interview & Highlight

Grapplersplanet is now in close partnership with NeojitsTV When it comes to working on High-lights and interview Videos. This is one of the type of work that is put forward.GREAT WORK TO SAY THE LEAST.

In this Video You can see a cool interview of a feature fighter and Friend of GP, Mr Mike Aviado aka Iron Mike.

He is known for his great style and catching armbars from every and any angles.

A threat to many but one of the greatest guys you will ever get to meet on and off the mat at the very same time.

He Trains Under Prof. Marco Costa and Prof.Shah Franco In Toronto, ON. Two Great Professors that fighting styles are very inclined towards the Self defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu. The way They teach the sport has a very important impact on Iron Mike’s success.

He has Currently Won and holds the 2012 World Masters Championship Title.

There are no signs telling us Mike has intentions of slowing down, So Competitors, BEWARE. :)



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