[VIDEO] BJJ vs ZOMBIES by Rob McAlpine


Using BJJ techniques to get rid of attacking zombies!



Run For Your Lives (Toronto 2012)


Rob teaches a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Zombie Survival Technique at Run for your lives Toronto. Run for Your Lives is a Zombie Infested 5km Obstacle Course and the most fun you will ever have before you are bitten….


Note: This Technique only works for a one on one Zombie attack during a random hoard attack… Your screwed!


Step 1 – I have tripped and fallen so I rotate to my left side

Step 2 – Use your bottom foot to hook the Zombies ankle

Step 3 – Use your top leg to scissor the back of the Zombies leg which forces it face down. (Not able to bite you)

Step 4 – Run like Hell and don’t trip again dumb ass

Step 5 – Survive for one more day

Live, learn, drill, WIN!!!





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