UFC's A.Belcher: Triangle from Side Control with Armbar


Alan’s Talent: Triangle from Side Control with Armbar



Alan Belcher is a top UFC competitor and is recognized as one of the best submission grapplers in America. His new “Immunity Course” is built to teach ANYONE how to beat more experience grapplers. Get in on his Free video series at: www.MicroBJJ.com/Immunity

Alan Belcher

To all my Grapplersplanet fans out there, allow me to speak with you for a moment. In Jiu Jitsu it’s very common, especially when grappling bigger guys, to have difficulty passing side control and gaining a more dominant position.


It has happened to us all whether we couldn’t pass or attempt a submission, but luckily Alan Belcher has come to save the day and breaks down an extremely impressive triangle/armbar hybrid move from side control. Let’s take a peak.


Passing Side Control with Alan Belcher:

So here we are; we scored a takedown and eventually wound up in side control but just can’t make our next move. As we underhook the head, we discover our opponent is stubborn and is not moving their arm. This calls for action, so we obtain a grip and begin to squeeze. With our body weight sinking into them, the aim is to have the arm free up. To add insult to injury, switch your knee placement to add even more dead weight onto them.


Now, switch your knees back ending with your left knee in their hip. Rotating up towards their head, the arm should be exposed fully. Slightly lean backwards, while placing your leg on his belly, faking a knee-to-belly pass.


Fearing a pass, they will likely look to stuff your knee. When they do, pin their arm to the body while scooping their head upwards. Staying tight to the body, swing your leg over the body, ending in what looks like a modified s-guard.


From here, you will want to squeeze your knees together, further exposing the arm. From here, well, it’s all your choice.


“You Can Go For The Armbar, or the Triangle.”-Belcher


At this point, your opponent is at your mercy. With your dead weight driving through their chest and their arm exposed, it’s only a matter of time before you finish the fight.


When done properly, this setup will allow three ways to end the match:

* Straight Arm bar: This will be the most accessible move. The arm will be sitting there for the taking, and all you have to do is trap it with your arm and push backwards.

* Armbar: If his arm slips free, the traditional armbar is a very real option.

* Triangle: Again, assuming his arm gets free, all you would need to do is grab the arm and apply the triangle choke.


This slick setup is a beautiful tool to have in your back pocket when you find yourself in a tough spot with a larger competitor. Not only does it make your opponent work from their back, but it also offers three readily available submissions that can easily end the match. And it looks really cool, too.


Words by: -Dan Faggella

Writing on Goals and Skill

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