UAE Jiu-Jitsu announce expanded Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour


The UAE Jiu-jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) has announced the return of the most prestigious Jiu-Jitsu championship series in the world: the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour 2016-17.

The Grand Slam will be held in five international host cities around the world; Los Angeles [USA], Tokyo [Japan], Rio de Janeiro [Brazil], Abu Dhabi [UAE] and London [UK].

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is open to all nationalities, while the medalists will be listed in the jiu-jitsu world rankings and cash prizes are awarded for the top athletes of each division.

“With the incredible success of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam globally last year, we have received a lot of requests from various federations and countries from around the world, to stage the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in their country. This shows that we are on the right track,” said UAEJJF chairman Abdulmunam Al Hashemi.

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The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam hopes to once again attract the world’s top jiu-jitsu athletes, such as Brazilian ace Erberth Santos who excelled in the world series last year.

“I am very happy to have competed in Abu Dhabi Grand Slam last year,” said Santos. “I was in Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, London and Tokyo, all four of them.

“I won in my division in all four events as well. This gave me a boost in the ranks and I liked fighting most in the first edition, because it really felt like the World Pro in Abu Dhabi.

“I look forward to participating again this year, I am excited that they have added another event in Abu Dhabi. This is great for us athletes, an event that pays well and everything is organised in the most professional way.”

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour Calendar 2016-17

3rd & 4th September, 2016 – Los Angeles, USA [LA Conventional Center]

23rd October, 2016 – Tokyo, Japan [Big Turtle Fukaya]

12th & 13th November, 2016 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil [HSBC Arena]

13th & 14th January, 2017 – Abu Dhabi, UAE [IPIC Arena]

18th March, 2017 – London, UK [Excel London]

Registrations are now open, for more information, visit:


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