True Story for the Bullies!


By Nick Mclean 

Before I start I’d like to say this isn’t meant to be disrespectful to my opponent what so ever but may it be an awakening to the tough guy down your street who likes to bully and push people around souly on the assumption that he’s a tough guy.

This picture displays the worst possible outcome during a match 2 people who train Jiujitsu decide who has better technique now imagine how much faster and how much more control you would have against someone who makes constant attempts to bully you and get in your face Jiujitsu gives the skinny guy like myself the needed skill to beat the big guy without hurting your self or drastically hurting your opponent.

This post won’t change the wanna be tough guys perspective on how vulnerable he actually is but keep in my mind you never know somebody’s story that skinny kid could be training jiujitsu for over a year or a couple years and that overweight guy could be a muay Thai world champion, you never know!

Jiujitsu gave me the ability to not have to assert my alpha male status but gave me the ability to feel confident to talk my way out of a physical confrontation but even more confidence to control my attacker.

Every female I believe should have at least 6 months of jiujitsu training and knowledge and every victim of bully’s should also be trained as well.

Long story short:

Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you try and push someone around to place your dominance on to another human being .

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