Treat a new Teammate like a brother or sister


 A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy can be a little bit intimidating for new members or walk-ins.

We have all  been there and remember what it was like when we first walked in the door; afraid to say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing or look like we didn’t know what we are doing.

Yet even though I sucked when I first started, and even passed out two times in two days, I only received positive feedback from the team.

They made me feel welcome, gave me advice and support, and taught me the rules and traditions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and when new members joined our team, I made sure to give them the same positive feedback and advice I received at the start of my own journey and that has been the case for nearly every other person I’ve seen come through the door.

If someone has the initiative to take the first step in changing their lives, we have to all do our part to ensure they feel welcome and accepted, so they can come to appreciate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training as we do.

Always introduce yourself to new members on their first day, initiate conversations and try to draw them out of their shells, and be positive and supportive.

If they leave the gym the first night with positive feelings, then they will be more likely to show up again the next day and the more members our team has and retains, the stronger we become both as a group and as individuals.

The elevator mechanic I was apprenticed to used to say ‘Treat a brother like a brother’, and I think that is important.  Even if I don’t like a particular member of our team, they are still a member of my team and I will treat them just the same as anyone else.

If you treat members of your own team poorly, then you aren’t treating a brother like a brother.

I know a lot of this isn’t necessary to say because most of us do this as it is, but it’s a good thing to say anyway and it was a requested blog subject from a team member, and I aim to please my audience!  So  be friendly to new members and walk-ins, train hard, and I’ll see you on the mats!


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